Jason Clarke Height, Weight, Age

Jason Clarke

Date of Birth: 17 July, 1969 (Age: 47)

Height: 187 cm (6 ft 1)

Weight: 74 kg (163 pounds)

Jason Clarke measurements:

Chest size: 104 cm (41 in)

Waist size: 81 cm (32 in)

Biceps: 38 cm (15 in)

Eye color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Jason Clarke is an actor, who is mostly known by his strong body, deep voice and towering height. He is really devoted to his profession and he spends several hours per day, working out. But when he gets the new role, he is getting ready to it not just physically. He does everything to get know his character and to feel him emotionally. He got worldwide recognition after participating in the movie “Lawless”. But the role of Howard Bondurant is not the only one in his resume.

Jason Clarke birthplace is Winton, Queensland, Australia. He was born in a middle class family. His father was rumored to be a farmer. Jason was very artistic from his earliest years. He liked sports too. The boy graduated from the local school and decided not to continue his education. He wanted to pursue acting.

Jason Clarke Height, Weight, Age

Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke appeared in his first TV show in 1988. It was popular Australian series “Home and Away”, which gave the road to many popular actors in Australia.

Then Jason participated in “Heartbreak High”, “Murder Call” and “Wildside”. Having gained his first kudos as a television actor, Jason Clarke started participating in big screen movies. He got the small unnamed role in the film “Dilemma”. Then he participated in “Twilight”.

Soon Jason moved to New York and continued his career in USA. He got international recognition after the role in the movie “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”. He took part in a number of great projects, such as “Zero Dark Thirty”, “The Great Gatsby” etc.

Jason Clarke Height, Weight, Age

Jason Clarke

Not much we know about personal life of an actor. He told in his interview that he is dating “some French girl”.

Jason Clarke characters are often strong and they fight on the screen. To play such heroes the actor must train a lot. He spends several hours daily in the gym, where he does strength workout and sometimes cardio. Jason doesn’t keep to a diet. He eats high protein products, oatmeal and vegetable salads and includes protein shakes in his daily meals.

Jason Clarke trains not just his body, but his voice too. He spends three hours daily, listening to various masculine voices and accents and trying to repeat their words. It helps him to change his voice and accent, if it is necessary to portray his hero. “Voice is very important!” thus the actor says.

Jason Clarke Height, Weight, Age

Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke is the strong willed man and he has fans in any country in the world.

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