Jeanne Tripplehorn Height, Weight, Age

Jeanne Tripplehorn

Date of Birth: 10 June, 1963 (Age: 53)

Height: 170 cm 95 ft 7)

Weight: 63 kg (138 pounds)

Jeanne Tripplehorn measurements:

Breast size: 94 cm (37 in)

Waist size: 63 cm (25 in)

Hips: 97 cm (38 in)

Feet size: 9 US (39 EU)

Eye color: Black

Hair Color: Brown

Jeanne Tripplehorn has already crossed her 40 year deadline, which is unofficially prescribed to all women in Hollywood. The star is much older now, but if you don’t know her age, you would give her several decades less. Her long curvy body, big eyes and soft thick hair make men all over the world crazy. A wife of an actor Leland Orser and a mother of 14 year old son, Jeanne Tripplehorn knows the secret of eternal beauty.

Jeanne Tripplehorn’s father was a famous guitarist. That’s why the girl lived in a very musical family. Her first job was connected with music. She managed to get the job of DJ at a local radio station.

After that Jeanne got an invitation to a model agency. Soon she took part in several TV commercials. Then the girl decided to make career of a professional actress.

We know her as an actress from “Basic Instinct”, “The Firm”, “Sliding Doors”, “Waterworld” and many other films.

Jeanne Tripplehorn till now is casted to various movies and television projects. Jeanne knows, how to remain beautiful at any age.

Jeanne Tripplehorn Height, Weight, Age

Jeanne Tripplehorn

The actress cares about her skin and body. Her face looks fresh and without any wrinkle. To look so young, the star uses cream every day. But Jeanne knows, that beauty starts from inside, not outside. That’s why she eats the right food to keep her complexion ideal.

Jeanne Tripplehorn keeps to a fish diet, which, she thinks, is the best one not just for her body, but for her face too.

Jeanne starts her day with a glass of Greek yoghurt. Then the woman drinks a cup of green tea. For lunch she has a big piece of fish (she cooks it without fat at all) and a vegetable salad.

For dinner she has grilled fish.

If Jeanne Tripplehorn is starving, she can eat a handful of almond. It is the healthiest snack for an actress.

Of course, Jeanne trains regularly. She starts her day with one hour workout every day. She has no personal trainer. The star workouts at home in her gym. She does various kinds of legs and abs exercises.

Jeanne Tripplehorn doesn’t like cardio exercises. But if she feels, that it is necessary for her to get rid of some extra calories, she can run in the morning during 30 minutes or so.

Jeanne Tripplehorn is working hard to look great and she can boast with great results!

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