This beautiful blonde, who looks much younger than her age, seems to be happy. She has everything any woman can dream of – fame, brilliant career, lots of fans and a husband. But the way of life of Jenny McCarthy was not so easy.
Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy

The Start

Jenny was born on the first of November in 1972. She had three sisters and parents, who cared about her. Since childhood Jenny looked very attractive and had many worshipers. Her friends advised her to become a model, but the girl decided to become a nurse and started her studying at medical college. Soon the girl needed a solid amount of money to pay for the college. Thus she decided to send her photos to “Playboy”.

All the readers of this popular men’s magazine fell in love with the beauty and thus Jenny became the Playmate of the Year. Later she started her career on TV.

Jenny Mccarthy Movies and TV shows

Jenny McCarthy Extended Interview

Jenny Mccarthy movies and TV shows are hard to call serious or complicated. Mostly her movie list consists of comedies and absent-minded episodes in TV shows. She was chosen by film directors for her beauty, sense of humor and willingness to strip without whims. She started from the show “Sammy’s Adventures”. Later she was invited more and more and the first fame came to her after TV show “Two and a Half Men”. There she acted as Courtney in one of the episodes. Although the part of Jenny wasn’t so serious, the show was liked with the audience. Many famous actors took part there. Thus Courtney Thorn Smith acted there and Terry Hatcher was noticed in the show too. Besides she played in a popular TV Show, called “Charmed” with Alisa Milano and Shannen Doherty. Later she acted in movies that became much more popular. They are “Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead” and “The Stupids”. Among her other prominent works we can remember “Dirty Love”. The film was not so talented, but it gave Mccarthy the experience of being a real actress.

Jenny McCarthy Jenny McCarthy

Jenny Mccarthy Dating

Career is important, but there’s no woman, who can live without love. Jenny Mccarthy had many fans and many lovers – and it is easy to understand as she was so beautiful and so sexual. She seemed to be too light minded and nobody could think that Jenny dreams to be a wife and a mother. But later she had met a man, who proposed her.

John Mallory Asher
Jenny McCarthy

A famous actor, film director and producer met a nice blond woman at a film set and fell in love with her. They started to date and in 1999 John Asher gave Jenny a golden ring and asked her to marry him. It was a great wedding with lots of flowers and campaign and Jenny was so happy! Her dreams came true! She became popular, she became rich and now she became a wife of the best man in the world. In 2001 Jenny felt, that she was pregnant. The couple was so happy to become parents! They thought, their happiness will never end. But it ended in 2002. Their son, Evan Asher, was terribly ill. He had autism.
Jenny McCarthy

Jenny Mccarthy Autism

Autism was the new word in the life of Jenny. Jenny Mccarthy son became the main thing in her life. The doctors said, this illness can’t be completely cured. But Jenny was ready to struggle. Jenny Mccarthy autism and her struggle against it made the life of the actress hard. But it gave her that very thing she hadn’t had before – respect. Audience liked Jenny Mccarthy movies, but they didn’t respect her, too sexual, too light minded, too empty. Jenny Mccarthy son made her different – full of love, full of dignity, full of kindness. She did everything to make the life of her son happy, in spite of his terrible disease. Unfortunately, her husband couldn’t share that everyday struggle with her. That’s why they had to divorce. But later the fate had given her a smile. She met Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey
Jenny McCarthy

He was divorced twice, before he met her. He wasn’t interested in her movies, but he knew about her disaster. When he met her at the film set (again) he liked her eyes – big and tired. Jenny still was very beautiful; it seemed that age meant nothing to her. They started to date and Jim felt, he was in love.

He proposed her and they had a big wedding. But no official documents were written then. He thought, it could just spoil everything. Papers meant nothing to her too – she knew, they can’t make the people happy. But she had his promise to care about her and about her son.
Jenny McCarthy

In 5 years the couple divorced. They weren’t involved into long court process, they just separated. Jim gave his unofficial wife $25 millions. Besides he created the fund for Evan Asher and put $50 million on his account. Thus he tried to provide the ill boy with everything even after his parents’ death. Thus Jim proved, that papers mean nothing.

Donnie Wahlberg
Jenny McCarthy

Jenny was alone after her divorce. She was so busy with her work and her son, that didn’t even think about her personal life. But in 2013 she met Donnie Wahlberg. Donnie, the famous musician and actor, would have proposed her in 13 months after their first date. On the last summer day in 2014 they got married in Chicago.
Now Jenny is a happy wife and a mother, a famous actress and a beautiful woman, who has ideal body. She is more than 40 now, but still a stylish blond remains sexual and jolly.

Jenny McCarthy Jenny McCarthy

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