Julianne MooreHeight:
160 cm
54 kg
She was born on December, 3, in 1960 (54 years old)

Julianne Moore
is one of the most talented actresses in the modern history of cinematography. She has a conspicuous appearance and well-known ambrosial locks of foxy hair. In comparison with the other contemporary artists she gained the worldwide fame not only due to her beauty but due to her natural gift which permitted her to play a great number of characters and each was interesting in its own way.

Future star was born on December, 3, in 1960 at the Fort Bragg, North Carolina. She had a friendly family and the only depressing factor was a necessity to move from one city to another due to father’s job. It was rather hard for her to build relationship with other children on each new place so she flung herself into education completely. In 1983 she achieved a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in School of Arts of Boston University but decided to move to New-York in order to attend courses for actors and study latest tendencies in modern dramaturgy. The off-Broadway theatre became her first performance venue. The first TV role she got in 1984, was a soap opera The Edge of Night. During 1985 and 1988 she played a dual role and received a lot of positive responses from a film-director and critics.

The real breakthrough of Julianne’s career started after a role in Boogie Nights. For the first time she hesitated because of a great number of indecent scenes however she had accepted the proposition. The role became triumphal and brought her recognition in the cinema industry together with a nomination for the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award. The movie created her typecasting. Since that time she is known as brave, charismatic and open for different experiments actress. Each her role she played greatly.

Julianne Moore Julianne Moore

After a star role, she played in many other famous movies. Among them are The Big Lebowski, An Ideal Husband, The End of the Affair and many others.
Together with acting career Julianne is a well-known children’s author. Her first book Freckleface Strawberry became a bestseller. Moore decided to write a book because of her son who did not like his appearance just like she did in her childhood.
Julianne Moore
Nowadays Julianne Moore is 54 years old and she is one of the most famous and award-winning actresses of the Hollywood. The only award she does not have in her collection is so cherished Academy Award.
Julianne Moore
The green-eyed Julianne’s personal life may be divided into two periods. In 1986 she maried John Gould Rubin, who was an actor and a stage director. A couple dated for two years in 1984-1986. The actors lived together for 9 years and split up because of Julianne’s new romantic relationship.

In 1996 Julianne started dating with Bart Freundlich, who was a producer and television director. They dated for seven years and finally married in 2003. The couple has two children. Julianne has a solid family and always tries to keep her children close to her. She is a happy wife and careful mother.


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