Date of birth: December 18, 1978 (Age: 37 years)

Height : 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)

Weight: 121 pounds (55 kg)

Katie Holmes body measurements:

Chest: 34 in (87cm)

Waist: 24 in (61cm)

Hips: 34 in (87 cm)

Bra size: 32B

Shoe size: 11(US)/41-42 (EU)

Hair colour: Dark brown

Eye colour: Hazel

What raises up in your mind when you hear Katie Holmes’s name?

Most of us immediately thinks “she’s Tom Cruise’s ex”. We can’t deny that this marriage gave Katie even more popularity and attention, but still, Katie is a great actress and a gorgeous woman even after the divorce. So let’s have a look on how she manages to keep fit and stay in incredible shape.

The major role in her system of keeping fit is in dieting. The actress follows Paleo diet and keeps healthy nutrition.

In 2006, after Suri’s birth, Katie gained some extra weight.

Though now every woman manages to return the previous fit, Katie was a success. She doesn’t have a lot of secrets. First of all, the actress ate healthy food and drank enough water. The next thing she used to do was breastfeeding. It’s a well-known fact that breastfeeding helps to lose weight. To support the effect, Katie used to follow one more rule. For a month she followed a detox plan. The actress said that detox not only helped her to stay in fit, but also to be healthier and clean the body from inside.

Though the system of dieting was rather effective, Katie decided to complete it with physical training.

The first step towards perfection was Pilates. Several trainings a week made a great impact on her body. The second stage consisted of yoga. Further came cycling and running. As you see, Katie Holmes made great efforts to look great and be popular.

Now, let’s see more detailed description of Katie’s diet. Hopefully, it would be useful for some of you.

Paleo diet is aimed at boosting your energy, precaution from diseases and getting rid of extra kilos. It is said that this diet can help you to lose 75 pounds in only six months. Rather tempting offer.

The main idea that the diet is built on is that we shouldn’t feed our organisms with the food which is hard to digest, because it causes a lot of health problems and leads to obesity.

This plan actually doesn’t restrict the quantity of food, but it controls the quality. It helped Katie to select right products. She said that she had a kind of restriction-list, so here are some rules.

1. Only good carbohydrates. It means that we should consume carbs that can’t turn into fat. When there is extra glucose (from carbohydrates) it stores in a body as fat. So, it’s very important to select right source of carbs.

2. No sugar. Katie excluded all sugar from her ration, except for sugar fruit. The reason is obvious – it turns into fat and causes different diseases.

3. No dairy products. You wonder why? We got used to the opinion that dairy products are useful for our body. But according to Paleo diet, it’s not true. It is said that dairy products are hard to digest for adults, that means that our organisms can’t get on well with lactose.

4. Taboo on processed food. This kind of food includes the toxins that cause various illnesses.

5. Only grass-fed meat. Katie is sure that such meat is more useful for us than grain-fed.

6. Eating fish is good. But there is one important moment – eat only wild fish, but not the ones from farms, as it can include toxins.

7. Healthy fats only. Nuts, oils, ceeds etc are useful and give enough calories and right fats.

Finally, listed the main benefits of the Paleo diet that she liked most of all.

1. Her skin became more clear (it’s also said that it can strengthen the teeth)

2. This diet doesn’t presuppose any aggressive products, so it can’t cause allergy.

3. Katie admitted that keeping this diet improved her sleep. It happened due to the constant schedule of the diet.

4. One of the important impact was that it helped to balance the hormones.

There’s no doubt that Katie’s example is a great motivation, but we should be aware of every change in our body. Don’t forget that every diet is a stress for the whole organism, so take all your decisions sensibly. Be healthy!

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