Date of Birth: 2 September, 1971 (Age: 44)

Height: 165 cm (5 ft 5)

Weight: 66 kg (145 pounds)

Eye color: Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Katt Williams Height

Katt Williams

Katt Williams is a famous American comic, rapper and actor. He is in his mature years, the star is not tall (165 cm) and quite thin (166 kg).

Katt Williams is a contradictory celebrity, because he was arrested in March 2016 for fight with a teenager. Luke Wash is 17 and as Williams said, the boy had assaulted one of his bodyguards. Luke is considered as offender too.

Katt Williams Weight

Katt Williams

In June, 2016 in Georgia Williams had another accident in the restaurant, when he threw a salt shaker to a manager. He was arrested for this act too. Katt Williams is probably a hot tempered person.

We hope Katt Williams is not aggressive with his children. He has 8 children, 7 of which he had adopted.

The celebrity started his way to stardom in his teens. At the tender age of 13 he left home and moved to Florida, where he earned his living as a lane vendor.

Then he started to work as a standup comedian in local night clubs and very soon had numerous fans, who appreciated his talent. Then Katt started to perform in numerous theaters like The Comedy Club and others. Then he moved his way to television and presented “The Pimp Chronics, Pt. 1” at HBO. After that Williams put his popularity on the next level, when he presented his comic movie “American Hustle”.

Katt Williams shocked his fans, when he told that he was going to stop his career of a comedian in 2012. But then he cancelled that decision. The star started to appear on TV more often and developed his skills as a musician too. He tried his hand as a rapper in songs of such artists as The Game and others. Katt took part in a big tour in 2013, named “Growth Spurt”, which gave him an opportunity to meet his fans personally. He released his first studio album “It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin” and debuted as an actor in “NYPD Blue”.

Katt Williams Body Measurement

Katt Williams

So, Katt Williams career is flourishing now. Being extremely talented, he managed to reach the hearts of his audience and has developed a massive fan base all over the world.

Katt was nominated for Teen Choice Award in 2007. He is a busy person with tight schedule. It is not known, if the star keeps to any diet or if he trains regularly. But if consider the fact that Williams fights quite often, probably, he is in great shape and workouts regularly.

Being quite contradictory, Katt Williams remains a talented comic and really expressive actor.

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