Ki Hong Lee

Weight: 68 kilos

Height: 178 cm

Age: 29 years old

Ki Hong Lee is one of the most interesting young actors, who took part in “Maze Runner”, in both parts of the film. Being tight-lipped, like his hero Minho, he doesn’t tell a lot about himself. What do we know exactly about this young and talented fellow?

Ki Hong Lee Biography

Ki Hong Lee age is 29 years old as of 2015. He stands 178 cm tall, having the very handsome appearance. The weight of the actor is not known exactly. He doesn’t like to tell about it and he never comments the rumors about his weight. The measures of the body as well as Ki Hong Lee age are discussed by journalists and the fans of the actor. It is rumored, that Ki Hong Lee has 68 kilos. As for the young actors net worth, it is about $4 million dollars. Not bad for 29 years old fellow, isn’t it?

The actor was born in the year 1990, September the 9th, in Seoul, South Korea. Ethnically he is Asian. But now the actor owns his own apartment in Los Angeles, California.

When the boy was just 8, his parents moved to Los Angeles. There they opened a small restaurant and it helped them to provide their son with everything. When Ki Hong Lee got older, he entered Berkeley (University of California). He graduated in 2008 and started to work at his parent’s restaurant. Since the middle school the boy dreamed about acting. He took part in school performances.
Ki Hong Lee

First Roles

The first opportunity to act on the stage Ki Hong Lee got in 2011. From his first steps in the entertainment field, the young actor understood, it was his cup of tea. Because of his talent, he performed very well in any of the plays he acted! Jeff Liu invited the fellow to his performance “Wrinkles”. Actually, it was the debut of Ki Hong Lee. The name of the actor was too long. The friends gave him a nickname “Ki Hong”. Later onwards he acted at The David Henry Hwang Theater.

Then Ki Hong got a chance to appear in the television series. He appeared in episodes of such TV series as “Victorious”, “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and “Modern Family”.

Ki Hong Lee

In 2011 the actor was hired by Wong Fu Production. He took part in many successful short films. Thus we can meet the actor in “All in All”, “Take it Slow”, “Fratervention: The End of Bro’ing Out” and many others. The short films were successful. In 2012 the actor continued working on the short films and created 5 more videos. Soon he became the star of YouTube. But the fellow dreamed about something more significant.
Ki Hong Lee

Later on, he began to get roles in the movies. He debut in the movie in 2013. It titles “Yellow Face”. This film highlighted his name in movie arena. If in 2013 the actor was just a debutant, Ki Hong Lee 2014 became an honest brand. Ki Hong Lee 2014 had enough experience to act in some serious movies. Later on he appeared in “The Maze Runner”.

The Maze Runner. Minho

Ki Hong Lee Maze Runner made the actor popular. Many teenagers admired his Minho, calling him their favorite hero in the movie.
Ki Hong Lee

The film is based on the book of on James Dashner’s novel of the same name.  In the center of the plot there’s the group of teenagers. Any of them is a unique personality. The heroes are interesting. Every hero has his own character. It is very hard to tell, whether the hero of “The Maze Runner” is good or bad. Like every human beings, the teenagers from “The Maze Runner” have questions and look for answers to them.

Thomas Brodie Sangster, Ki Hong Lee & Dexter Darden Interview – Maze Runner

Ki Hong Lee Maze Runner is a professional screen work. The actor had spent a lot of time, analyzing his Minho and trying to make him natural.

Ki Hong LeeMinho is one of the eldest boys in The Glade. He is handsome and intelligent. If Thomas is the leader of the runners, Minho is rather their keeper. He admired Thomas and helps him in his attempts to save the runners. He is guy, who people turn to if they need something done. For example, Newt (Thomas Sangster) selects him for the secret mission to relocate the Maps.

Minho is faithful and courageous. And he is sure, they do the right thing, when try to get out of Glade and meet the real world.

Ki Hong showed his hero perfectly. No doubt, both parts of “The Maze Runner” are the serious works, the actor can be proud of.

Some movies with the actor are still in pre-production. The fans are waiting for them as they are looking forward to the news about the personal life of Ki Hong Lee.

Ki Hong Lee Girlfriend

A lot of girls and women are interested to know about Ki Hong Lee Girlfriend. No wonder, because the actor is considered as the young icon of sexuality. He has lots of fans, who follow him on Twitter and Facebook. The fans look for pics with their favorite “Minho” and get crazy, when find him shirtless.
Ki Hong Lee

In fact, Minho is not alone now. Actually, he is married. He got married on the 7th of March, 2015. His spouse is Hayoung Choi. They had been dating during four years before they got married in 2015. Many celebrities were present at the wedding ceremony. Of course, the cast-mates of Ki Hong Lee from “The Maze Runner” were also here! Thus Dylan O’Brien, Britt Robertson, Arden Cho and many others congratulated Ki Hong with his new status of a husband!

Ki Hong Lee is the name of the famous young actor, who works hard to make his career successful!

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