Date of birth:  October 22, 1962 (Age 54)

Full name: Robert John Odenkirk

Born Place: Delhi, Illinois, USA

Height: 5’9’’ (175.3 cm)

Weight: 78 kg (172 pounds)

Bob Odenkirk's height, weight and age

Hair color: Brown/Grey

Eye color: Blue

Bob Odenkirk's eyes and hair color

Born to an alcoholic father from a poor background, Bob Odenkirk created a successful career as an actor and comic. Growing up in Naperville, Illinois, Bob considered his town as a place where dreams were crushed and free from any useful opportunities. Throughout his early years, he was always looking for a way to leave his town believing that his breakthrough would come anywhere other than Naperville.

His career began while at Southern Illinois University where he started comedy writing for a radio station while he worked as a DJ. As a DJ, a good outlet was opened for him on the radio show in order for him to harness his potentials as he started a radio comedy – Prime Time Special that soon appealed to the listeners raising its popularity.

Before completing college, Bob decided to pursue writing as a career. He, therefore, took a leap of faith by dropping out of college and moving to Chicago.

On getting to Chicago, he began working as an improv writer in order to improve his skills and later developed an interest in stand-up comedy.

In 1975, all his hard work began to bring results as he got a job as a writer for the show Saturday Night Live. His incredible writing on the show earned him more exposure as well as the Primetime Outstanding Writer Emmy Award.

After Saturday Night Live he got other writing jobs for shows like Get a Life and The Dennis Miller Show. His life during this season was pretty good as his writing became more cutting-edge and he was in a higher demand.

In the 90’s he made his way into the movie industry as an actor featuring in his first film Wayne’s World 2 in 1993.

He plays main role in TV series Better call Saul (2015 – )

Bob Odenkirk's height, weight and age

Throughout his 3-decade long career, Bob has climbed the ladder of success first as a writer, to a comedian, actor, director and producer featuring in a total of 35 movies and 70 television shows. His impeccable abilities have also won him 12 awards as well as 20 other nominations.

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