Laverne Cox Height, Weight, Age

Laverne Cox

Date of Birth: 29 May, 1984 (Age: 32)

Height: 180 cm (5 ft 11)

Weight: 76 kg (167 pounds)

Laverne Cox measurements:

Breast size: 91 cm (36 in)

Waist size: 74 cm (29 in)

Hips: 89 cm (35 in)

Feet size: 13 US (47 EU)

Eye color: Brown

Hair Color: Blonde

Every woman can envy her hourglass body, big eyes and full sweet lips. Laverne Cox is the symbol of fragility and sexuality, she managed to become a real woman and now it is even hard to believe that Laverne Cox was born a man. He passed through sex-change operation and now makes career as an actress.

An important achievement for Laverne Cox was Emmy nomination, which she hadn’t won, but even the fact that transgender woman was nominated for such a prestigious award, is the great victory of the star. “You should always be yourself and struggle with the stereotypes”, this message Laverne Cox wants to send to anyone, who feels different from the others.

Your life must be ideal like the picture from an elegant magazine, but if it is not so beautiful and typical, you have problems”, Laverne says.
But it is necessary to listen to your heart”, he adds. Really,
Laverne Cox knows, how the person feels, when he is hated by the others. He was bullied by his classmates, when he came to school, wearing a short female dress and bright makeup. Even Cox’s teachers hated him and tried to change his image, but that was the way he felt and Laverne Cox didn’t want to pretend, that it was comfortable for him to look like a man.

Laverne Cox Height, Weight, Age

Laverne Cox

After graduating from school the young man went to New York, the city of great opportunities, where he decided to start the new life. Laverne Cox underwent a sex change operation and now she openly defends transgender rights.

Laverne has always dreamed to become an actress, but this dream was hard to fulfill. Transgender woman had numerous invitations to play the roles of prostitutes and freaks, but she wanted to portray ordinary female heroines. Her big break came after the release of Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black” and now Laverne Cox can boast with numerous new projects.

The actress has beautiful female body and like any real woman she cares about it. Laverne hates strength training, but she likes cardio exercises and tries to train every day. She never keeps to a diet, but if she gains extra weight, Cox gets rid of it, making her portions twice less.

If you want to change your life, but are afraid of it, have a look at Laverne Cox and go ahead!

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