Kirstie Alley Kirstie Alley is a Hollywood celebrity, American comedy actress, who was quite popular in 90s thanks to the films “It Takes Two”, “One More Chance”, “Loverboy” . For a long period of time this woman wasn’t offered the star parts in films but nevertheless she stayed in the centre of world’s attention. And this is not surprising, because Kirstie’s figure is a result of a battle with extra weight. Her achievements help the millions of women to believe that extra weight is not a verdict. Kirstie proves that in the battle with extra weight at the age of 60 there are the same prospects of success as at the age of 30.

Recently the Kirstie’s Alley weight was more than 150kg and she stopped being a sought-after actress, went into shell and looked bad. Now, the famous actress changed greatly and such blistering and unexpected changes shocked practically everyone. She turned into a beautiful and slim woman, who frequently attended various fashion shows.

The first stage of her weight loss was a special clinic, the specialists of which helped the actress to start her changes. So with the help of diets and fitness the woman lost 37 kg and that was only the beginning of her transformations. Kirstie refused from high in calories food, tried not to eat after 18.00 and drank much water. Fitness was due in no small part to her weight loss. The main reason of the woman’s weight loss was the inexpugnable desire to come back to starring and to continue her acting career. More successful results the woman achieved after the show “Starring with the Stars”. Ten weeks on this show gave Kristie more than any diet and fitness. Kirstie consumed only 1400 calories per day and instead of fitness she danced.

Kirstie Alley’s photo Before & After

Kirstie Alley weight changes Kirstie Alley weight changes

Such drastic changes helped the actress to bring back her popularity and gained world attention. It is difficult to believe in such striking changes without plastic surgery but still the woman denies any surgical intervention. The intended effect the actress achieved only with the help of a strict diet and rigorous exercises.Kirstie Alley

Speaking about Kirstie Alley weight changes it must be mentioned that earlier the actress demonstrated her will power. Eight years ago Kirstie displayed her slim figure on Oprah’s show: she even was in a swimsuit. Nevertheless during three years she gained again almost one hundred kilos.  But this woman proved everyone that it was only the lost contest and the victory was in the future. Now she looks perfect and takes part in various fashion projects. In one of her interviews the actress confessed that for ten years she didn’t have any date! Now she tries to make up for the lost time.

The main goal for the actress now is to maintain her weight. Kirstie Alley knows that she is inclinable to corpulence and certainly doesn’t want to turn into a fat woman again. Now when the show “Dancing with the Stars” came to the end, the woman is not going to take part in similar shows, she plans to start shooting in various series and films.

Kirstie Alley’s Weight Loss

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