Lena Dunham Height, Weight, Age

Lena Dunham

Date of Birth: 13 May, 1986 (Age: 30)

Height: 160 cm (5 ft 2)

Weight: 63 kg (139 pounds)

Lena Dunham measurements:

Breast Size: 92 cm (36 in)

Waist Size: 71 cm (29 in)

Hips: 97 cm (38 in)

Shoe Size: 8 US (40 EU)

Dress Size: 12 US (44 EU)

Eye color: Brown

Hair Color: Light Brown

Lena Dunham is an outstanding American actress, who is mostly known as Hannah Horvath from HBO series “Girls”. She is not just an actress of “Girls”; she is also the writer and the producer in this project. Lena Dunham has quite plump body and most of people criticize her for this, especially when the actress appears in daring scenes on the screen. After Lena’s naked appearance at Emmy 2012, she got many negative comments and most part of them was connected with her overweight. The star has a pear body shape and like many other women with similar body type, she has some weight problems. Is it really important for Lena Dunham to get slimmer?

Lena Dunham grew up in New York City in a family of a photographer and an artist. When the girl graduated from school, she entered Eugene Lang College, where she studied creative writing. Lena planned to make career of a poet, but then she got interested in cinema making. Her big break was in 2010, when Lena tried her hand as a filmmaker. She spent $45, 000 to create the movie “Tiny Furniture”. She shot it in her own apartment and she used her own scenario. The short film appeared to be interesting and it gave Lena the first recognition. Thus she was noticed by Judd Apatow, who invited the young writer and actress to “Girls”, which made Lena internationally popular. In 2012 Lena Dunham was called “Coolest Person of the Year” by Time issue.

Lena Dunham Height, Weight, Age

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham has a lot of fans. But an actress had to delete her Twitter account as she was frightened by negative comments she got. Girls star tells, that Internet caused a lot of pain to her, because she got sick, having read numerous negative comments about her body.

The actress tells that she always had a full body and she envied slim girls from the earliest years. She dreamed to get slimmer, but nothing could help her. Everything had changed, when Lena met a personal trainer Tracy Anderson. Tracy told that she was not going to make Gisele Bundchen from Lena Dunham, but she was going to balance Lena’s body as her body was out of control and connection. Anderson’s system is a combination of yoga, Pilates and dancing movements.

Lena was content with Tracy’s method. “It’s not about my ass, it’s about my brain”, she used to tell about her workouts.

Now Lena feels much better and weighs 139 pounds just now!

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