Date of Birth: 5 June, 1971 (Age: 45)

Height: 173 cm (5 ft 8)

Weight: 78 kg (172 pounds)

Mark Wahlberg - Height, Weight, Age

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg body measurements:

Chest: 46” (117 cm)

Biceps: 16” (41 cm)

Waist: 35” (89 cm)

Shoe size: 9,5 (US)/ 42-43 (EU)


Mark Wahlberg - Height, Weight, Age

Mark Wahlberg

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Hazel

Mark Wahlberg - Height, Weight, Age

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is a famous American musician, model and actor. His career way not always had been successful. Sometimes he had to pass through numerous disasters and disappointment. But being a strong willed person, Mark managed to keep the status of internationally famous star.

His childhood and teen years were not easy or carefree. Mark Wahlberg was a bad pupil, he was a school bully and his parents were always ashamed of him. He had problems with police, when he was arrested numerous times for possession of cocaine. Finally Mark dropped his school at the age of 13 and started to try various kinds of jobs. It is interesting to know that he got his high school diploma at the age of 13.

Mark Wahlberg - Height, Weight, Age

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg was always fond of sports, he had well shaped body and it helped him to get the job of a model. He advertised underwear, when decided to try his hand as a musician. At first his songs were quite popular, but later he was named as the worst singer of the year, so Mark Wahlberg dropped out his singing career and started to act.

His first role was Captain Leo Davidson in the series “Troldspejlet”. His acting skills impressed both, critics and the audience. He took part in many successful movies and even got two Oscar nominations.

We can admire Mark Wahlberg in such movies as “Planet of the Apes”, “The Truth About Charlie”, “The Departed” – this list can be continued for ages.

Mark Wahlberg is not so young already, but he has perfect body. He is ripped, muscled and he moves very fast.

The actor workouts regularly to stay fit, but he hates to lift heavy weight. His workouts are always not so long – each session lasts about 40 minutes, and he does light exercises for each separate part of the body.

Mark Wahlberg is the lover of outdoor activities, which helps him to stay fit too. Thus he always finds some time to play golf with his friends, even if his schedule is very busy.

Actor and former rapper Mark Wahlberg hates dieting. But he includes proteins and gainers in his daily menu. They help him to gain muscle mass. Once he had 10 meals per day, some of which consisted of gainers only. He was getting ready to the role and wanted to make his body well shaped.

Mark Wahlberg is busy with numerous upcoming projects, so we will admire him on the big screen soon.

Mark Wahlberg - Height, Weight, Age

Mark Wahlberg

For the film Pain and Gain, Mark Wahlberg scored an excellent form in a very short time. Of course, this caused rumors that the actor took steroids.

For the role of bodybuilder, Wahlberg became even more muscular than in the time of his youth, when he was known primarily as a model of underwear. This surprised many his fans, but the representative of the actor said that Mark never took any mixtures to build muscle.

Although the film tells the story of the steroids, Mark took it as a challenge, he wanted to achieve the same results with continuous training, and his partner on the set Dwayne Rock Johnson inspired Mark to engage in sport harder.

Despite his muscular appearance, Mark Wahlberg joked in conversation with Leonardo DiCaprio that the days when they were considered the sexiest guys of Hollywood were already in the past.

For the sake of an interesting role, Mark Wahlberg is ready for any sacrifice. So, for the filming in the movie The Player he had to do quite opposite thing – to lose a lot of weight. The actor showed excellent willpower and dropped about 30 kilograms.

In the movie, Mark plays a college professor and avid gambler Jim Bennett. According to the scenario, this character does not have an outstanding physical form. Therefore, the film’s director Rupert Wyatt asked Wahlberg to lose as much weight as he could.

Mark already had lost weight from 89 kilograms to 62 – that was his most minimal weight, which he reached for the sake of the movie Boogie Nights. So, the actor decided to beat this record.

To achieve such results, the actor resorted to radical methods. If he does something, he cannot stop. Mark dedicate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to his aim. In the first six weeks, he just stopped eating. He only drank a little during the day. And then he started training two or three times a day.

Mark Wahlberg - Height, Weight, Age

Mark Wahlberg

This approach, of course, gave a quick and noticeable result. Alas, the actor not only lost weight, but also got an unhealthy complexion. No energy, no nutrition. In the studio, people constantly complained that he had blue lips. But, actually, what did they expect? – He didn’t eat at all.

Such radical changes are, of course, impressive, but are heath sacrifice worth big money? This is the question…

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