Matthew Parry’s personal life

Despite of the fact that celebrities are always in the centre of attention it bears mentioning that their private life is always interesting for everyone. Sometimes even more interesting than their achievements in career and new cinema roles.

Certainly it is more interesting to know about a new boyfriend or girlfriend of a favorite actor. Matthew Perry is one of those American celebrities who always tries to keep his personal life in a secret. It is very difficult to do this especially when he is always under the eyes of journalists.Matthew Perry

Matthew Parry is a popular Hollywood actor, who became well-known after starring in comedy series Friends. In this comedy Matthew played one of six friends, Chandler Bing. This serial was popular for ten years and the actors starring, quickly gained popularity.

Firstly the actor tried himself in comedy genre when he came to Los Angeles to meet his father. Matthew shot in various serials but these works remained unnoticed. During that period Matthew was choosing his future profession. He wanted to become either a sportsman, because his hobby was tennis and he was good in this game or a comedy actor. Love to theatrical performance prevailed. Ever since the entire actor’s personal life was forever connected with show-business and cinema.

His first successful role was considered to be in the film A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon. Although the director risked when he chose for the star part an unknown actor. The director met Matthew Perry in the cafe when he tried to pick up girls. The success in this film dispelled all doubts concerning the correctness of the profession he chose.

That’s why when his father insisted on the fact that he must enter the University of California, Matthew didn’t support this idea. But the profession must bring income and in order to earn money he came on TV and soon he land the role in TV serial but unfortunately this role didn’t bring him popularity. All the next roles also were crash-and-burn.

But later when he lands the role of Chandler Bing, everything quickly changed. Finally he gained such a long-awaited popularity.

Matthew Perry and Lizzy Caplan

Speaking about his personal life, it is necessary to say that Matthew covered it up. It is strange how such a celebrity could do it. Certainly women were important for Matthew but it is known that during six years he was dating with the actress Lizzy Caplan and hid it. By the way they were a very beautiful couple.Matthew Perry and Lizzy Caplan

Very often they appeared in public together but when somebody asked them about their relationships both answered that they are just friends. They ended their long-time relationship in 2012 and no one even knows the exact reason of their breakup. So their fans hardly can exult about their happiness.

Certainly Matthew changes lovers from time to time but all their names he keeps in a secret. They say that he dated with Julia Roberts and Lauren Graham.

 Matthew Perry and Lauren Graham

Matthew Perry and Lauren GrahamIt ought to be noted that the actor was addicted to drugs and alcohol for a long period. But his friends helped him to overcome this addiction. Still the actor plays tennis. In 1999 he even was included into the list of 50 the most handsome people in the world.

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