Date of birth: January 03, 1956 (Age: 61 years)

Height: 5’ 9,5” (177 cm)

Weight: 214 pounds (97 kg)

Mel Gibson's height, weight and body measurements

Mel Gibson body measurements:

Chest: 48” (122 cm)

Waist: 40” (102 cm)

Biceps: 18” (46 cm)

Shoe size: unknown

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Blue

Mel Gibson's eyes and hair color

A talented actor who even at his respectable age enjoys popularity among the female. Always charming, sexy, with a twist and his special deep look. This is something that can be said about the talented actor Mel Gibson.

He has no special secrets. Mel does not resort to the services of plastic surgeons, because he thinks all this is absurd. His success lies in nutrition and in the healthy way of life. Everything is so trivial, so why do many choose more complex ways?

Mel Gibson is convinced that only proper nutrition can prolong youth, provide the body with the necessary energy and strength. Based on his beliefs, the actor tries to give preference to reasonable diets that can benefit rather than harm the body.

To date, the star of What Women Want adheres to a raw food diet.

The main thing is the proper nutrition – to consume raw vegetables and fruits, without subjecting them to additional processing.

Mel Gibson sees for himself two indisputable pluses in the chosen diet: firstly, in raw food products useful compounds and trace elements always remain; secondly, such food is natural for our body and can not cause harm to it.

Since ancient times, people have been eating all they could get for their family. As a rule, it was raw food.

A few more benefits of raw eating are: the ability to lose weight quickly; no need to count calories or limit oneself in portions of food; the opportunity to do without spending long time in the kitchen.

At first it seemed to Mel that he would not survive on this diet, but now he does not even know how to live differently. For him, meat is not temptation and not even a delicacy. The star does not regret his way of life even for a minute.

As for the sport, Mel Gibson enjoys spending time in the gym. It’s more to maintain the form than not to sculpt a certain relief on the body.

Mel Gibson for many years differed with well-trained sports body, although he never pumped the muscles to the level of Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger. But for the filming of the third part of The Expendables, where Gibson was called to one of the main roles, he built up a very impressive musculature.

It is very difficult to do for a person of his age, because the hormone testosterone, required for muscle mass gain, starts to decrease smoothly after 40. That’s why even the most famous sportsmen up to 60 sadly “blown away” and lose their former sports form.

Mel Gibson's height, weight and body measurements

But nature can be deceived, and Mel Gibson was doing just that successfully.

Once reporters caught the famous actor at the center of hormone replacement therapy in Los Angeles. Gibson left the building after another procedure – he was injected with male hormones. Thus, the legend of Hollywood artificially increased the level of testosterone, so that intensive physical training would give tangible and visible results.

We can’t blame Mel for playing tricks with nature due to the fact that it’s actually his job. All in all, he looks pretty well even having turned 60.

Mel Gibson's height, weight and body measurements

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