Serena WilliamsWeight – 70 kg

Height – 175 cm

Age – 34 years

She is the legend in tennis as she had won 20 titles and several Olympic gold medals. Now she is 35, but she remains strong, quick and extremely successful.

Serena Williams Biography

Serena Jameka Williams was born in 1981, on the 26th of September. She was born in Michigan in a family of Richard Williams and Oracene Price. Serena has four sisters, one of them, Venus Williams, has also become a famous tennis player.

Serena tried her hand in tennis, when she was 3. Her father noticed that the girl could play tennis rather well. He started to train Serena. Thus the young girl spent more than 2 hours daily on the court. Her father hoped, the ability to play tennis will help his daughter to be successful even if she wouldn’t receive an education in the university.

In 1991 Serena Williams took part in the junior United States Tennis Association tour. She was the first one among the players of her age. Thus her father felt, that the girl needs a professional coach. He hired a trainer for his daughter, but remained her manager.

The first success came to Serena in 1999. She got the U.S. Open title, becoming even better than her legendary sister.

Serena Williams Serena Williams


In 1999 she won her first championship. From that moment Serena didn’t stop proving, she was the best from the best. Tennis player Serena Williams became a legend. In 2002 she managed to get four major titles in tennis – she won French Open, the U.S. Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon. In 2003 she completed Grand Slam.

Later her ability to hold several major titles in one time was called “Serena Slam”. She was unique, it goes without saying. At the Beijing Games she got Olympic Gold medal. Tennis Serena Williams has become a legend. Serena Williams family supported her at every stage of her career. And she had not only victories, but also flops. Thus she had knee surgery in 2003 and later it was hard for her to recover.

Now Serena Williams age is 34. Thus in 2015 she became the oldest tennis player in the world, who won Grand Slam title.

Serena Williams
Serena Williams

Personal Life

Serena Williams keeps her personal life in secret. 34-year old tennis star has a rich dating history.  She used to have love affairs with a tennis player Grigor Dimitrov, the coach Patrick Mouratoglou, the singer Hosea Chanchez, the actor Colin Farrell and many others. Now her rumored boyfriend is rapper Drake. They say, not long ago they even got married, so Drake has become Serena Williams husband.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams and Patrick Mouratoglou

They say, on the 18th of November, 2015 Serena Williams married and she is pregnant! The tennis player doesn’t comment these rumors, but soon we will see, if it is true.

Fashion Line

Serena Williams remains one of the most successful tennis players. But she thinks about some other business now. In any case, she is just 34 and she can do a lot of other things, not just playing tennis. Thus not long ago the star got interested in fashion. She created collection of clothes. Serena Williams fashion line was shown in New York. In fact it was her second fashion show in that city. Serena Williams was interested in creating clothes, that’s why she attended fashion courses, when she had a break in tennis. “It kept me busy” she used to tell in her interview. It is hard to imagine, but the athlete Serena Williams likes fashion so much. When she worked on her collection, she asked the advice of Anna Wintour. Actually, this guru of fashion supervised Serena all the time during her work and her show in New York.

Serena Williams

The tall and nice Serena Williams could easily become a model. But she looks too strong for a catwalk. Nevertheless Serena Williams eagerly takes part in photoshots for famous magazines. Thus not long ago she appeared on the cover of the issue “Fitness”. The star also told about her diet.

Serena Williams keeps to a diet all the time. But when she comes home to her parents and sisters in California, she eats everything she likes, including fries, chicken and butter on top of her bread. Her favorite dessert is banana pudding. But when she returns home, she continues dieting again. In fact, Serena Williams hates the word “diet”. She calls it “lifestyle” as diet is used occasionally, but she has to eat healthy food permanently.
Serena Williams

Her reasonable diet and constant training helps the star remain strong and show great results on court.  At the same time, she understands that she is quite big for an average woman. Of course, she used to dream to be slim and small, like any other woman. But then she understood that she must like her body in any case. So, she learned to love her curves and to be proud of her body.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is not just a talented tennis player; she is a great woman, who cares about her parents and sisters and who tries to move forward all the time, in spite of all her troubles and flops that of course, happened on her way as well.

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