Michelle Rodriguez - Height, Weight, Age

Michelle Rodriguez

Date of Birth: 12 July, 1978 (Age: 40)

Height: 165 cm (5 ft 5)

Weight: 54 kg (120 pounds)

Michelle Rodriguez measurements:

Breast size: 84 cm (34 in)

Waist size: 63 cm (25 in)

Hips: 87 cm (34 in)

Feet size: 7 US (37 EU)

Eye color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black

Michelle Rodriguez is one of the most talented Latin actresses in the world. She is known due to her strong well build body, due to her long soft black hair and deep dark eyes.

She looks quite innocent, but Michelle is not a classically weak woman. She can fight for her rights and not just theoretically.

Once upon a time Michelle Rodriguez was arrested for the fight with her roommate.

It was not her only problem with law. She also lost her driving license for a while, when she was caught by a policeman, driving under intoxication.

Michelle Rodriguez is active and disobedient and that character she gave to her heroines.

She is known due to participation in such projects as the series “Lost”, where she was busy within 5 years.

She also took part in the films “Avatar”, “The Fast and the Furious”, “Resident Evil” and “Girlfight”. Michelle was chosen among 2000 girls for the main role in the movie and she played her part perfectly. She was nominated for various movie awards 11 times for the role of Diana Guzman and won 5 of them.

Michelle Rodriguez - Height, Weight, Age

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez has variable interests in her loving life. She dated both, male and female partners and finally she understood that she is not a lesbian, but she is the lover of experiments.

She used to date Vin Diesel, Colin Farrell, Cara Delevingne, Zack Efron and many other men and women.

Now the star is officially single and she devotes all her free time to self care. Michelle Rodriguez has impressive athletic body and of course, she workouts a lot to achieve great results.

Michelle Rodriguez - Height, Weight, Age

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez fitness routine changes from time to time. When she is free from filming, she can train just 2-3 times per week, doing cardio and light weight lift exercises. The actress, who is the fan of skating, can easily forget about her workout in the gym and go to the skating rink. This activity makes her legs stronger and slimmer.

Michelle Rodriguez eats healthy food to remain slim. She loves meat and that’s why her favorite dish is grilled chicken or turkey. She includes vegs in her menu and tries not to eat sweet things, although she likes them.

Michelle is Latin ethnically, but she hates to hear about it. “I don’t want to be a Latin actress, I am just an actress”, she insists.

So, never mention the word “Latin” in her presence!

Michelle Rodriguez - Height, Weight, Age

Michelle Rodriguez

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