Date of Birth: 8 July, 1947 (Age: 68)

Height: 185 cm (6 ft 1)

Weight: 136 kg (300 pounds)

O. J. Simpson - Height, Weight, Age

O. J. Simpson

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Bald

O. J. Simpson - Height, Weight, Age

O. J. Simpson

Several years ago he was one of the most attractive men on the planet. Tall and muscled, strong and fast, Orenthal James Simpson was a famous football player and a talented athlete. He had fame, money and lots of women all over the world, which had crash on him.

But now he is just old failure, who weighs more than 130 kg and who looks awful. The former athlete tries to lose the weight, but it is hard for him, if take into consideration the fact that he is in jail.

O. J. Simpson - Height, Weight, Age

O. J. Simpson, lawyers: Robert Shapiro, Johnnie Cochran

Instead of being upset about your weight be upset about the crimes that you have committed”.

I read he was dying (of cancer) too… Hope he slips on that soap and the rope gets twisted around his colon! Murderer!”

The comments of people show, they hate O. J. Simpson. But what did he do?

The famous football player was accused in his wife’s murder. He denied the fact he was guilty. He managed to avoid the punishment due to the great professional work of his lawyer, Kim Kardashian’s father, Robert Kardashian. In spite of the fact, he was justified, many people, who watched the process, are sure he is responsible for cruel murder of his wife and her lover, a waiter from the local restaurant.

O. J. Simpson - Height, Weight, Age

O. J. Simpson, Wife

In 2008 the athlete was arrested one more time and taken to jail for 33 years. He was arrested for robbery and kidnapping, when he tried to steal sports cups.

Being in jail, tall and strong athlete started to gain extra kilos. Soon he gained about 30 kg and he weighs about 136 kg now.

I gained weight eating all those canned beans from the commissary but just because I can’t get enough fruits and vegetables,” thus told OJ Simpson in his interview.

O. J. Simpson - Height, Weight, Age

O. J. Simpson

The ex-athlete has a chance to go free in 2017. Probably, he is getting ready for that event, because he started to keep to a diet and doing some sports.

But OJ’s workout is extremely easy. He just walks around a jail. He explained in his interview, that his knuckles of an ex-footballer hurt him and he can’t do jogging but he can walk fast.

O. J. Simpson - Height, Weight, Age

O. J. Simpson, Young

As for diet, Simpson, who is a sweet tooth, ate a lot of chocolate and it provoked his overweight. Now he tries to exclude chocolate, but it is hard for him as there are no fruit and vegetables in jail.

He is the lover of pasta and hamburgers, but in his attempts to lose the weight, O. J. Simpson started to eat hamburgers without a bagel.

He tries to renew his shape in order to look good if he goes for free. But most part of people in USA hope, he will stay in jail for ages!

OJ Simpson Verdict

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