Date of birth: July 01, 1967 (Age: 49 years)

Height: 5′ 6, 5″ (169 cm)

Weight: 132 pounds (60 kg)

Pamela Anderson`s height, weight and age

Pamela Anderson body measurements:

Waist: 26″ (66 cm)

Chest: 39″ (99 cm)

Hips: 34″ (86 cm)

Shoe size: 8 (US)/ 38 (EU)

Bra size: 34E

Hair color: Blonde (naturally – light brown)

Eye color: Blue

Pamela Anderson`s eyes and hair color

She is known to a wide audience not for role in the successful TV series Baywatch, not only for her famous lovers or scandalous video. No, Pamela Anderson has gained popularity and later the title of the US sex symbol thanks to her impressive and at the same time man-made forms. Pamela Anderson, silicone beauty, continues to attract attention even being close to 50.

Underline the natural beauty

Pamela Anderson is beautiful by nature. Otherwise, this gorgeous beauty with blue eyes and chiseled figure would never have been invited on TV and candid photoshoot. But since there is no limit to perfection Miss Anderson one of the first decided that her silhouette will look much more advantageous if she increases the “top 90” for 2-3 sizes.

Her choice was the beginning of the present silicone boom that burst not only in the US, but also around the world. Millions of women, with the motto “Increase your breasts – Change Your Life” reached the offices of plastic surgeons.

Being a young girl with a pretty face, beauty and almost unique figure, it is easy to be popular. It is much more difficult to maintain this popularity. Still, Pamela Anderson succeeded in it brilliantly. Public activities in the field of charity, speaking in defense of animals, as well as candid photoshoot show that Pamela Anderson does not look worse than 20 years ago.

Steps of getting a perfect figure

Although, the image of a weak defenseless blonde and former model stuck to Pamela very hardly – she is a very purposeful person. Setting out a strategic task to not to gain weight and preserve the shape, Pamela strictly adheres to it. To do this, Pamela Anderson uses a comprehensive approach.

Step one – food. Right in her youth Pamela gave up meat and became a vegetarian. According to her, red meat contains substances that accelerate the aging process. At the same time it’s a kind of food that is harmful for the figure because it’s hard for digestion. And Pamela Anderson also loves fruit salads and tofu.

Also, an actress is a faithful follower of the so-called water diet. In fact there is no special diet. Just half an hour before each meal and 2 hours after you must drink a glass of plain water. It is also possible to add a little of lemon juice. Actress starts her day with water either.

Pamela Anderson`s height, weight and age

Step Two – exercise. To maintain her shape Pamela Anderson has more trust in the gym than diets. Regardless of other daily exercises she runs at least 40-50 minutes. Besides, the star is a regular customer of fitness clubs and has a personal trainer. In addition, Anderson is a great swimmer and does swimming a lot.

To preserve the beauty of her face and skin Pamela Anderson prefers the latest achievements of cosmetic industry. She regularly attends cosmetologist and masseur, and at home she uses creams and body lotions containing shea butter. This oil, by the way, not only improves the appearance of the skin, but also helps to preserve her youth.

Pamela Anderson is one of those women who attract attention in any crowd.

Pamela Anderson`s height, weight and age

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