Rebecca Black Height, Weight, Age

Rebecca Black

Date of Birth: 21 June, 1997 (Age: 18)

Height: 165 cm (5 ft 5)

Weight: 58 kg (128 pounds)

Rebecca Black measurements:

Breast size: 92 cm (36 in)

Waist size: 66 cm (26 in)

Hips: 89 cm (35 in)

Dress size: 8 US (38 EU)

Eye color: Black

Hair Color: Brown

Round cheeky face, long soft hair and full lips – Rebecca Black, the young star, has great body measurements. She looks quite slim and elegant, the girl is of average height and she has no extra weight.

But at the beginning of her career Rebecca Black had some overweight. In fact, she was quite stout.

It was the reason, why her classmates bullied her. Rebecca attended private school from her first grade and up to six grade. After that she changed it for a public school and finally she decided to be educated at home.

Rebecca Black Height, Weight, Age

Rebecca Black

The girl was not interested in studying, because she started her career in music and she decided to devote her free time to this occupation.

Rebecca started her career as a YouTube star. She uploaded her first single to YouTube in 2011. It was named “Friday”. It is interesting to know, that her mother paid $4, 000 to Ark Music Company to make the video. Later she had dispute with the company for the rights on the song.

Rebecca Black Height, Weight, Age

Rebecca Black

Now Rebecca Black is known mostly as a singer. Since 2011 she has already released such songs as “Sing It”, “Person of Interest”, “In Your Words”, “Saturday” etc.

Rebecca tried her hand as an actress and voice actress. At first she appeared in Katy Perry’s video, named “Part of Me”.

And then she gave her voice to Penny in “Legend of a Rabbit”.

Rebecca Black is one more star, who became popular due to her channel at YouTube. She has even got a Teen Choice Award as a web star. Rebecca continues to upload various music videos to her channel. Although her songs are very often criticized by critics, Rebecca remains self-confident, because her songs are always watched and re-watched by people.

Rebecca Black Height, Weight, Age

Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black is a beautiful young girl, but she is full bodied. She had to struggle with overweight but it is not known exactly, what way she had chosen to lose it.

Her diet plan is not known, but as for workouts, she trains regularly 2-3 times per week. The star does cardio exercises and strength exercises. She walks on the treadmill too.

It is not known, if the young singer has personal trainer or not. But she is working out, it goes without saying.

Rebecca Black Height, Weight, Age

Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black is a newborn star, who has a bright future in show business, it goes without saying. Now she has great body measurements, but she has to care about herself, because she can easily gain some extra weight.

Rebecca is the famous star for many teenagers all over the world!

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