Dog Nash (German Shepherd)

Dog Hank Williams (Labrador)

Reese Witherspoon`s Dog Hank Williams, Dog Nash

Dog Hank Williams, Dog Nash

Dog Lou Ann (Bull terrier)

Dog Coco Chanel (French bulldog)

Reese Witherspoon`s Dog Lou Ann, Dog Coco Chanel

Dog Lou Ann, Dog Coco Chanel

Donkey Tonkey

Donkey Honky

2 pigs

3 goats

20 chicken

1 horse

It seems quite obvious that the bright and cheerful blonde, Reese Witherspoon, is a great pet lover. In almost every her role she’s accompanied by a dog. She adores them. Moreover, this love doesn’t end on the screen, it continues even off the shooting process.

In the real life Reese is a proud mother of 3 children. But in addition to her pretty kids, the spouses share their home with many pets.

Reese Witherspoon`s pigs


Nash and Hank were a good company, but last year one more member joined the family. It was a gorgeous bull terrier Lou Ann. This white dog is so cute that your heart can’t but melt. The Hollywood actress shared her happiness on her Instagram account. In such a way we got acquainted with the newest member of this big family.

Being a modern popular woman, Reese Witherspoon often updates her Instagram account. But when you have a look at it you will see that the biggest part of her photos are her pets. She’s so proud of having all these guys, that she can’t stand not sharing their cutest pictures.

Donkey Tonkey, Donkey Honky

Donkey Tonkey, Donkey Honky

When Reese said that she has three goats, two pigs, twenty chicken, and two donkeys, the audience was shocked. But all her pets are really loved and have a necessary care. They are many, but everyone gets enough attention.

Reese Witherspoon`s Horse

Reese Witherspoon`s Horse

The dog Coco Chanel is often seen in a company of her celeb owner. The girls are walking together in the street and Coco likes keeping Reese a company for coffee.

Reese not simply loves her pets, she’s madly in love with all of them. Hopefully, the actress will soon please us with a new addition to the family.

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