Dog Pepe

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Rihanna`s dog Pepe

Dog Pepe

Dog Oliver (Maltese-Poodle mix)

Rihanna`s pet - dog Oliver

Dog Oliver

Every year Rihanna celebrates Mother’s Day. Do you know why?

That’s because her cuddly Maltipoo pup makes her feel like a real mom.

Oliver lives with Rihanna for many years and the celeb mom doesn’t miss any chance to spoil her beloved dog.

Oliver was the singer’s only joy and consolation until she found Pepe. She found the new dog in the bathroom of one night club. It became a surprise, because actually, people go there to party and socialise.

Rihanna admitted that she entered the bathroom and noticed a cute little puppy. She couldn’t leave him alone, even though she was a bit drunk.

Her surrounding announced that Rihanna just went to the club, but came back home with a puppy, a cage, and special food for puppies. It sounds like an adventure story.

But there’s still a question: who goes to the night club with a little puppy? And what a person could leave that little cutie alone in the bathroom? Nevertheless, everything is well that ends well. The puppy now is loved by a famous singer and lives happily in a new house.

If you saw a video with this cute furry ball, you couldn’t but notice how kind Rihanna behaves with it. Maybe, it’s a kind of woken up maternal instinct. They both look cool together.

Though the information and the video look quite truthful, there’s also an opinion that the case with Pepe is a kind of self-advertising and promotion of a new singer’s work. Who knows…

Oliver is a very photogenic dog. It’s often seen on Rihanna’s Instagram account. There are numerous photos and videos of the sweet couple.

Rihanna is proud of her cuddles. Hopefully, having busy schedule she still has time for her “kids”.

Now, several words about Oliver’s breed. It’s called Maltipoo. It became extremely popular among celebrities, mostly due to cute face. Sometimes it is referred to as a hybrid (because Maltipoo was developed as a mix of Maltese and Poodle breeds). The breed gains popularity and as a result the list of famous owners is constantly growin. Ellen Degeneres, Ashley Tisdale, Jessica Simpson, Blake Lively, and Miley Cyrus are only at the very beginning of the list.

Maltipoos are going to rule the world!

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