Dog (Dachshund) Dolly

Dog (Dachshund) Peggy

What dogs do you prefer: little or huge? Tastes differ. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or just Rosie H-W (her nickname on Twitter) surely prefers the little ones.

Jason Statham’s bride, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – one of the most popular modern top models is a loving owner of the two Dachshunds.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Pets - Dolly, Peggy

Dogs: Dolly, Peggy

On her Instagram page always flaunt two eared cuties – Dolly and Peggy. It is not difficult to notice that Rosie wants her dogs to look as fashionable as their “mom” as she chooses for them all the fashionable accessories and clothes.

Many celebrities seem taking close to heart the lyrics of the song “We’re all going on a summer holiday” and as a result they go for vacations together with their four-legged friends. Rosie is not an exception.

On her Instagram page the supermodel shared the photo of her beloved puppies lying on the inflatable in a swimming pool. The two looked so sweet that we could hardly tear the eye from them.

But what do we know about this cute breed?

rosie huntington whiteley pets

Rosie Huntington Dogs

Dachshund is a wonderful breed. It is considered to be very active, like an eternal running motor. Thus the dog will quickly become loyal and best friend of man. Dachshund is always interested in the surrounding, and it pursues anything that moves – it seems this is the meaning of its life. At the very beginning it seems that Dachshund doesn’t suits you, but this dog can’t but appeal to large families, since it is quite self-sufficient, it can easily make the right decisions, and it has a sharp mind. They also have a sensitive charm, infinite faith to the owner and excellent character.

Judging from their appearance, it’s very easy to keep Dachshunds in apartments, and if you are going on a trip, they can keep you a company, they are also very compact. Dachshund requires not so much care, it’s just important to maintain a strong health and do not forget to make a walk in the fresh air on a daily basis.

rosie huntington whiteley pets

Rosie Huntington Dogs

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