Date of Birth: 18 December, 1975 (Age: 40)

Height: 163 cm (5 ft 4)

Weight: 62 kg (137 pounds)

Sia - Height, Weight, Age


Sia Measurements:

Breast size: 89 cm (35 inches)

Waist size: 71 cm (28 inches)

Hips: 89 cm (35 inches)

Dress Size: 10 US (40 Eur)

Sia - Height, Weight, Age


Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: Blonde

Sia - Height, Weight, Age


I apologize to those who feel triggered by #ElasticHeart My intention was to create some emotional content, not to upset anybody”. These words the singer Sia wrote on her page in Twitter after her release of music video “Elastic Heart”.

And I might have thought that we were one

Wanted to fight this war without weapons”

The singer, who has extremely strong deep voice, sings these powerful words, while two other great actors Shia LaBeouf, a mature man, and Maddie Ziegler, a child dancer, were fighting in the cage, climbing up and throwing themselves down. The actors were in nude leopard clothes and their play-fighting reminded some fans pedophile distribution.

The singer apologized numerous times for the video and wrote the appeal to her fans, where she explained that two fighting people were the parts of her personality, which is so contradictory.

For her eccentric video an Australian star got MTV nomination for the best music video. Her rivals in the same category were the world known stars Beyonce, Taylor Swift and some others. Although she didn’t won an award this year and lost a Moonman to Taylor Swift, her video was one of the most disputable and till now the fans want to express their opinion about the video.

The clip manifests inner demons and the struggle of overcoming” wrote one of her fans.

maybe because im a parent but when i see this, it makes me think of the struggles of father stuck in his ways, and his wild/willful daughter” – the other one wrote.

Sia - Height, Weight, Age


Some people think it’s phedophilia because the 12 year old girl is wearing a naked suit and the man who is probably about 30 is always wearing a naked suit and they are very close together!”

To make your own opinion about the situation, find several minutes on a calm Saturday evening and watch the music video. It is worth your time.

Sia, who sang the song behind the scenes, hasn’t appeared in the video even for a second. Probably, it was her idea to show the parts of her personality, but not herself. But it is also possible, she decided to use well shaped Maddie’s body not to show her own, because the singer doesn’t care a lot about her shape.

Sia - Height, Weight, Age


She hates training and does her exercises from time to time. But Sia remains quite slim in her mature age. Her legs look quite strong. The star doesn’t keep to a diet but she tries to exclude junk food from her menu.

Thus Sia has a slim body, but not extremely toned one. Probably, she should visit gym from time to time, when she is not busy with making another eccentric music video.

Sia – Alive

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