Date of Birth: 28 December, 1981 (Age: 35)

Height: 165 cm (5 ft 5)

Weight: 54 kg (119 pounds)

Sienna Miller Measurements:

Breast size: 86 cm (34 in)

Waist size: 63 cm (25 in)

Hips: 86 cm (34 in)

Dress Size: 4 US (34 EU)

Feet size: 9 US (39 EU)

Eye color: Grey

Hair Color: Blonde

Sienna Miller is known as an actress and a model. She endorsed such popular brands as Burberry, Hugo Boss etc. And of course we know and love her movies like “Stardust”, “Interview”, “American Sniper” and others.

Sienna Miller was born in New York in a family of a banker and actress. Her mother liked cinema world most of all and that’s why she told her daughters a lot about acting. Sienna had chosen her profession after her mother’s stories.

From the earliest years she started modeling and acting. Her movies brought her some popularity, but mostly people started to talk about her, when she was the fiancée of Jude Law. The stars got acquainted, when they both were casted in the film “Alfie”.

Now the star is officially single. She has a daughter from an actor Tom Sturridge.

Many girls and boys all over the world admire Sienna’s slim figure. But the star, which looks almost anorexic, is the fan of junk food and sweet things.

She was even rumored to have bulimia, because all the time, when she was caught by paparazzi, Miller was eating something.

“I can’t imagine my life without cheeseburgers and waffles with cream; I won’t refuse from eating them even if I get extremely stout!” These words Sienna Miller used to tell in one of her interviews.

Sienna is an English woman ethnically, but she was brought up in USA. Probably, she has two parts of her personality, reasonable and reserved like an English lady and carefree, like an American girl. The star is so changeable! She can eat nothing during the long weeks and drink just hot water with lemon, but the other day she eats everything she can find in her fridge.

Sienna Miller has fast metabolism, that’s why she had never cared about her body, but she noticed that her look had changed after 25. “My skin is not so toned already”, Sienna confessed in one of her interviews.

To keep her body toned, she arranges yoga workouts almost every day. The star hates gym workouts, because she considers it too boring. But she can play tennis with her friends or run in the park with her mom and sister.

Sienna Miller doesn’t think that her lifestyle is healthy and it is worth to copy it. But she is so slim and good looking that we can just watch her with admiration!

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