Jones Reynolds There is no need to prove the fact that celebrities are ready to do everything for a certain role in the film. They easily lose or gain weight but there is not about Star Jones Reynolds. This woman rendered impossible. Her battle with extra kilos is considered to be the longest, the most exhausting but successful! This successful woman in order to win the battle with extra weight has undergone through gastric bypass surgery and lost 160 pound!

Star Jones Reynolds is well known in the USA as a lawyer, writer, journalist and television personality. More success and popularity she achieved working as a host of the talk show “The Views”. For a certain period of time the woman worked as a prosecutor but later she fired in order to start her career on television.

Though her family wasn’t reach but the attitude to food was special. Practically every day their dinner was like Jones Reynolds the holiday. They ate high in calories food and nobody ever stopped them. Her family wasn’t a sport loving one and never made any physical exercises. They didn’t even think about it. In such a way when the girl was fifteen years old she weighted much more someone of the same age. Though the woman was grateful to her parents but sometimes the absence of such a person who could force her to stand up and make some exercises disappointed her.

Speaking about Star Jones weight it is necessary to mention that during her career in order to compensate her insecurities, she ate more. When she was lonely a couple of hamburgers became her new friends. When she saw that her friends create families, she felt herself lonelier and again food helped her to endure embarrassment. This desperate woman had a successful career but felt avoid inside. In 2002 during one year and a half Star Jones gained 75 pounds. It ought to be said that the woman wasn’t just full-figured, she was morbidly obese. It was difficult to make simple things such as to move or to sleep without snore.

Star Jones Reynolds photo Before & After


Jones Reynolds weight changes Jones Reynolds weight changes


NeveJones Reynolds rtheless in 2003 when she was 41, the woman was ready on profound changes. She was made surgical intervention, more specifically gastric bypass surgery. After this operation during three years she dropped more than 160 pounds. It was a successful result for the woman who was obese. At first after operation she didn’t confess that she was done such a surgery and her mystery was solved in 2007. Certainly her parents, friends knew about this operation, but at once the woman didn’t want to confess because she actually didn’t know whether it would work. Happily the operation was successful and her weight started to melt though Star Jones didn’t stint herself in food. It was very difficult for her to live out such a stress and the woman started working with a psychologist. As this operation brought a successful result, after having lost some weight the woman was made to make breast lift and the skin tightening.

So if to compare her photos before and after operation it must be said that this surgery gave Jones Star a new life!

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