Date of Birth: 25 February, 1965 (Age: 51)

Height: 167 cm or 5 ft 6 (approximately)

Weight: 55 kg or 121 pounds (approximately)

Eye color: Grey

Hair Color: Brown

Sylvie Guillem Height, Weight, Age

Sylvie Guillem

Do you want to have a ballet body? Are you ready to spend long hours in gym in order to look like a ballet dancer? In fact, if you see a ballerina in your real life, probably, you won’t like her masculine body and too chiseled torso.

Sylvie Guillem is called “Body” in ballet industry. Now her height and weight are considered as ideal for a dancer. But then, when she has just started her career, Sylvie look was criticized. Sylvie Guillem height is 167 cm that is too much for a ballerina. But when Sylvie performed on the stage she was so gracious and incredibly flexible that soon her height was considered as ideal for a dancer.

We won’t tell you about Sylvie Guillem workout, because exercising was her life. Even when the young ballerina became a star, she hated to communicate with journalists and visit afterparties. Instead of it Sylvie preferred to spend long hours in her theater, exercising all the time.

She brought French and world ballet on the new level. Her body could jump and fall, could stretch and fix almost at any pose. Very often she was called an alien for her unreal physical abilities. But if you ask Sylvie about the secret of her incredible success, she would answer that it is her charisma and will tell you a story about some ballerina, who could dance even better, than Guillem, but looked too vulgar on the stage.

No doubt, Sylvie Guillem is charming and her physical shape is just the strawberry on the top of your cake – it looks great, but it doesn’t play the first violin.

Sylvie Guillem career started in 1981 and in 2015 the star announced, that she is going to retire and spent the rest of her life in a small cottage together with her husband. The legendary ballet dancer is ready to forget about strict workout routine and eat everything she likes, without thinking about diet.

But nobody believes her, because the international star is incredibly active and it would be too hard for her to live calm and easy life.

Sylvie Guillem is in great shape in her really mature age. The secret is not just in her active lifestyle, but also in reasonable eating. The friend called Guillem “Lady No”, because on various offers to eat “that tasty cake” or “a plate of hot fat soup” she answered “No” without hesitation.

Probably, to lose extra kilos you should do like “Lady No”. Will you try Sylvie Guillem’s diet?

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