Weight: 79 kg

Height: 173 cm

Age: 43

A beautiful woman, actress, writer and mother of 4 daughters, she was imprisoned in January, 2015 for bankruptcy fraud. TV personality must spend 15 months in prison. During that time she can finish her next book. Teresa Giudice cookbooks like “Skinny Italian” and others made her rich and popular. She is Italian ethnically, although had spent her childhood in New Jersey.

Teresa Giudice Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice Biography

She was born on the 18th of March in 1972 in New Jersey. Her nationality is American, but her parents were from Italy. They moved to USA to grow up their children in the country of business and freedom. Teresa spoke Italian from the very childhood. Later she learnt English, when entered Catholic school.

After graduating from school she entered Berkeley College, where she got degree in fashion marketing.

Teresa Giudice

She became popular as an actress of reality show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”, where she took part from the first season. The other source of Teresa’s wealth and popularity are her four books about cooking. In 2012 she got another opportunity to show her acting talent. She took part in the show “The Celebrity Apprentice 5”.
Teresa Giudice

Teresa is a working mother. She has four children. Teresa Giudice kids are Audriana, Gia, Gabriella and Milania. Teresa Giudice daughters have never prevented her from making career on TV. Of course, she became successful and popular with the strong support of her husband. Teresa and Joe Giudice have been married since 1999. She met Joe at the age of 14 and they are together from that very time. Although sometimes rumors about Teresa Giudice divorce appear (especially after their bankruptcy and sentence), in fact, they are still a happy family.

Problems with Law

Not long ago the news shook the world – TV personality, a wife and a mother, Teresa Guidice was imprisoned. She was accused in mail and bank fraud. The woman was sentenced to 15 months of prison, while her husband was sentenced to 41 months.

In fact, Joe and Teresa Giudice were a rich couple. They had the net worth of $11 million and a great mansion in Towaco, New Jersey. But in 2011 they announced, they were bankrupts. After that the couple was accused in fraud.

Teresa Giudice

Once Teresa told, she could never live in a house that was used by other people before. She liked to get the best and the most expensive things. Unfortunately, her career wasn’t extremely successful. After her appearance in “The Real Housewives from New Jersey” (where she got $650,000 per episode), she had no successful roles. Although she sold her books, still her income got much lower, but her love to get expensive houses, cars and jewelry and to lush parties made her keep the same lifestyle in spite of the fact, it was too expensive for her. As a result, her husband and she milked creditors and eventually were jailed. Teresa Giudice house remained rich and luxurious, but now the family, that lives there, is not happy.

Teresa Giudice in Prison: What Her Life Is Like Behind Bars

Diet and Exercising

Of course, a mother of four daughters, who is 43 now, looks godlike! Her body is slim and her face is fresh. When Teresa was imprisoned, her fans worried that she would lose her shape during 15 months of jail. But Teresa managed to make lemonade from the lemon that she got from her fortune. She workouts three times a day, while being in jail. The actress of reality shows tells, exercising help her to sleep well at night. That’s why she works religiously and is in the best shape in her life.
Teresa Giudice

As for her dietary needs, of course, her opportunity to keep to a diet is quite limited in prison. Most of prisoners have meat, potatoes and macaroni for dinner. That’s why the star started to gain extra weight. She stopped it, trying to exclude bad carbs from her everyday meal. It is possible to get some food in prison, but Teresa Giudice is allowed to spend no more than $320 monthly. She gets almond and tuna from time to time to keep her in great shape.

In fact, the fans of the star were always interested, how she could remain so slim, being a mother of four girls and a good wife, who cooks all the time for her family. She told in her interviews, that she had always visited gym, besides she tried to eat healthy food. For example, she is fond of berries and could have a big bowl of various berries for breakfast.Teresa Giudice

At the same time, she had never kept to a diet as she likes eating and physically she can’t remain hungry.

Now the star has some troubles, but she is sure, she will be able to regain her footing after her disaster. Her fans hope too, that she will be ok and successful again!

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