Date of birth: April 5, 1986 (Age: 31 years)

Height: 5’10” (179 cm)

Weight: 146 pounds (66 kg)

Ashley (Charlotte) Flair's height, weight and age

Bra size: 34C

Shoe size: 9(US)/ 40(EU)

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Green

Ashley (Charlotte) Flair's eyes and hair color

Many of us think like “I can’t be slim, I was born like this”. It’s nonsense. Of course, genes are important and we can’t escape from our genetic heritage, but who said that it can’t be corrected?

WWE Diva Ashley Flair (Charlotte Flair) often says that her great body is a mostly contributed by her parents. In such a way, the girl simply doesn’t want to boast of immense efforts that she makes in order to make her body close to perfection.

Everything is pretty easy – work out is not a burden for the wrestler, but a hobby. She really likes hard training. She is keen on the idea of becoming better from day to day, to master the skills and to sculpt the body.

Sport regime is THE MOST important for Charlotte as without discipline no success can be achieved.

The girl trains regularly not only in her usual gym, but also while on the road. She spends a lot of time travelling and moving from city to city, so she can’t allow herself to skip training.

To find the closest gym on a new place is the task number one for Ashley. After that, she is looking for a market with natural and fresh products. According to WWE Diva, her body can be fueled only with healthy food; otherwise, it will not work as it should.

Healthy lifestyle is Ashley’s pride.

Surprisingly, Charlotte didn’t have an intention to become a wrestler when she was young. She was more interested in usual sports like basketball, cheerleading, swimming etc. Nothing special.

Ashley (Charlotte) Flair's height, weight and age

Still, from youth Ashley’s father used to take the girl to gym where had been training with a personal coach. In such a way, Charlotte learnt self-discipline and fitness routine. It helped her a lot in future. Fitness became her strong support when she lost her brother and now this passion goes on.

Ashley (Charlotte) Flair's height, weight and age

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