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Chris Kyle was very tall and weighed 104 kilos. Sniper’s body consisted of muscles; he was strong, solid and reliable. He was the man, who knew how to protect and take care about his family and fellow-friends. And he knew how to kill.

The Son of a Priest

The life and death of navy seal Chris Kyle was interesting and full o different events – glorious and tragic at the same time. The life of Christopher Kyle used to be a worthy subject for a book or a movie. Christopher Kyle was born on the 2nd of April, 1974 in the family of a priest. Thus from the very beginning he knew the difference between the “bad” and the “good”. The boy was strong enough.

He decided to defend his motherland from enemies, that’s why one day he left the house of his parents and went to the army. It is interesting to know, that the fellow was accepted to the army not at first attempt. His hand was broken earlier and that old trauma prevented him from being accepted. But he didn’t give up and soon was accepted to army. When Christopher Kyle was 25 he became the navy seal. Navy seal Chris Kyle became a legend. He traveled four times to Iraq. There he showed his skills as professional sniper.
Chris Kyle

By his own admission, during his “work” Chris had killed about 250 people. The official account of Chris Kyle’s victims is more modest, but still impressive – 166 people. Sniper was responsible for security posts and convoys of US Army in Iraq. There he got the nickname “The Devil of Ramadi”.

Ramadi is a town in Iraq, near which Chris Kyle’s subdivision was located. Iraqi insurgents promised an award for Chris Kyle death – $20,000. Later this amount became four times bigger. It is interesting, that the murderer of a sniper did it for free.

Chris Kyle Book

“American Sniper” Chris Kyle Interview – CONAN on TBS

In 2009 he returned home. Devil of Ramadi tried to start a new life. He was not young already. He thought about quiet old age. Of course, Chris dreamed about calm family life. Chris Kyle family consisted of two children and a wife, Taya. She loved her husband so much and supported him all the time. It was she, who inspired him to write Chris Kyle autobiography. Taya noticed that her husband was not calm. He returned from the hell, he killed people and of course, he thought a lot about it.

Was it a sin or just a job? Was it right? In Chris Kyle autobiography he tried to find answers to these questions. Although the tone of Chris Kyle book was positive, the readers noticed his hesitation and doubts that were covered by his courage and bravado. The book “American Sniper” became successful. People bought it in USA and in Europe. Chris Kyle hat with his logotype was sold all over the world. It became the dream of any teenager to get Chris Kyle hat.

Chris Kyle Chris Kyle

Gradually he started to live a civil life. Chris Kyle family was happy to see their husband and father calm and self-confident again. He killed bad people earlier and now he sold his book and other goods with his logotype, cared about his children and helped the other fellows to repatriate after the war.

The repatriation of other fellows became really important for Chris Kyle. He knew how hard it was to start the new life after coming back home. He wanted to help. Later those good intentions led him to his hell.

Chris Kyle Death
Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle died on the 2nd February, 2013 in Texas. He did not die in the hot spot of the Middle East, but at the shooting range. His killer was one of the fellows, who suffered from PTSD.

Eddie Ray Routh was only 25. He was also the navy seal and he had also seen a lot in his shot life. Several times he was close to be killed by the opponents and many times he killed other people. He returned home, being physically strong, but mentally destroyed. Several times Routh stayed in hospitals.

He was prescribed Risperidone, a powerful antipsychotic medication. Some other hard drugs and much of alcohol he prescribed to himself. Several times Eddie tried to kill himself. His mother hid all the guns and pistols from her son. It was she, who asked Chris Kyle to help her son. She didn’t know that Chris would give Routh the gun. It was the part of rehabilitation. Chris thought, shooting helped the fellows to revive and relax, being at home. Routh didn’t relax. He drank a lot that day. When he took the gun in his hands, he suddenly killed the sniper and his 35 year old friend Chad Littlefield.
Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle and Bradley Cooper

The book of Chris Kyle was used as the plot of the film. It was shot by talented Clint Eastwood. The part of Chris Kyle was played by Bradley Cooper. The actor had to gain a lot of weight to become as big as the sniper. He also trained a lot. The part of Taya, Chris Kyle’s wife, was played by Sienna Miller. She used to meet Taya, trying to copy her appearance and manner to talk.

The film was nominated for Oscar in six nominations. It is interesting to know, that the last thing of the movie is the moment, when Kyle comes with his two friends at the shooting range. The death of the sniper wasn’t shown in the film. Thus his widow asked. Taya told that it would be too painful for Chris Kyle family to see the death of their father and husband. In the hearts of his widow and two children the hero is still alive!
Chris Kyle

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