Date of birth:  September 08, 1971 (Age 47)

Full name: David Arquette

Born place: Winchester, Virginia, USA

Height: 5’10’’ (178 cm)

Weight: 73 kg (160 pounds)


Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

David Arquette's eyes and hair color

David Arquette is a multi-talented actor, former wrestler, producer, director and screenwriter. In the entertainment industry at large, David has attained tremendous success through various spheres.

His acting career was officially launched in 1990 as he featured in a couple of episodes of The Outsiders where he portrayed the Keith character.

In the same year, he also got an opportunity to act as Tom Hawks in the sitcom Parenthood. By 1991, he branched out into movies as he appeared in the drama Where The Day Takes You.

He officially became a movie producer in 2014 through the comedy film Just Before I Go. He has also done a lot of voice acting, one of which includes the Disney animation Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

Since the start of his career, David has appeared in a total of 64 movies, 23 television shows and has won 5 awards.

Right from his youth, David has been a rather ravishing young man with a fit physique. As he has advanced in age, old age seems to even bring out the better-looking part of him as his beards now have a salt and pepper look. Unlike his youth when he kept and ear-length haircut, David has reduced his hair and it now gives him a more mature look.

David has been very athletic from his teenage years as he is also very skilled at wrestling. In the start of the 21st century, he decided to try building a career as a professional wrestler. He did pretty well as a wrestler and even became a world champion. However, this career was short-lived. This exposure to wrestling has significantly influenced his fitness as a fit lifestyle became part and parcel of him.

David Arquette's height, weight and age

Aside from the success he has attained through his various ventures, David always finds time for his family as he is a father of 3 children ranging from a teen to a toddler.

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