Date of birth: June 23, 1984 (Age 34)

Full name: Aimée Anne Duffy

Born place: Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales

Height: 5’2½” (159 cm)

Weight: 112 lbs (52kg)

Duffy's height, weight and age


Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Duffy's eyes and hair color

Duffy is one of the most successful artiste her country has ever witnessed. She is a pop, soul and blues singer-songwriter and also an occasional actress. Until she stepped on to the music scene and delivered a song masterclass in 2008, the UK Singles chart number one had not featured a Welsh woman since before she was born.

She began singing as a teenager, teaming up with several bands including Swiss writer, Soren Mounir to form Soulego after completing her GCSEs at 15. After narrowly and surprisingly missing out on winning Wawwfactor in 2003, she recorded a 3-song eponymous EP which did not gain chart success until 2008 after she had hit superstar status with some other songs.

International fame came for her after she signed a recording deal, leading up to the release and sales in excess of 7 million copies of her 2008 Grammy award winning album, made popular by hits such as Rockferry and Mercy. She debuted her acting career with Patagonia in 2010 and starring in Legend in 2015 while providing soundtrack for several films.

Duffy is of an average build and in a good shape. She is not athletic and there is no report suggesting she is a gym regular but from all indications she has done a lot of good for herself, growing out of her childhood fat. She was so fat as a kid, that her face creases when she smiles, hence her dimples. She went on drinking binges and occasional cigarette smoking in her own expression of teenage rebellion but she now lives a lot healthier.

Duffy's height, weight and age

She is currently lives on a music career hiatus since 2011 after the underwhelming performance of her second album.

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