Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine Height, Weight, Age

Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine

Date of Birth: Unknown

Height: 180 cm or 6 ft (approximately)

Weight: 75 kg or 165 pounds (approximately)

Eye color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine is a famous dancer from Haiti. He was interested in dancing from his earliest years and begged his mother to take him to some dance club. Although the family was very poor, his mother found an opportunity to fulfill the dream of her boy.

Emmanuel was extremely talented and his teachers noticed it. The teenager was trained as a ballet dancer mostly, but he also practiced modern dance and jazz. Soon Emmanuel opened his own dance studio, named Caminito. He trained young dancers, but every day Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine felt that something was missing in his life. In 2004 he was ready for a big change. The dancer closed his school and moved to New York.

At first he was a ballroom dancer from Haiti and he represented his nation. Later the talented dancer started to compete for USA. He partnered several gracious women, till he met Liana Churilova and it had become a big break for both of them. Now Emmanuel is considered as the leading dancer at Professional American Rhythm division.

Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine life looks bright, successful and carefree, but at least one sad event had happened. In 2010 Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine had lost his beautiful 2 year old son in the Haiti earthquake. The boy slept in his aunt’s house, when it was ruined and he left peacefully. Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine and his wife Jasmine had to cope with the most terrible tragedy for any parent.

Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine Height, Weight, Age

Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine

Now Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine devotes his free time to dancing. He has great body measurements – the main is quite tall, his body is strong, but not muscled. Too big biceps and too ripped legs can make the dancer’s body heavy, that’s why Emmanuel never trains with the dumbbells.

His daily fitness routine consist of yoga exercises, Emmanuel stretches his body muscles all the time to make his joints more flexible. Like any other professional dancer, he spends 6-8 hours per day, dancing at various contests and concerts. That’s why he never practices cardio in his free time, because there’s enough of cardio in his everyday life. Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine’s workout resembles the gymnast training much more.

As for dieting, he never keeps to any strict eating plan. The star spends so much energy, dancing most part of the day that he can’t eat just salads and fruit. Nevertheless the talented dancer refuses from too nourishing dishes, which are not useful at all. Thus he never eats sweet things and refuses from mayonnaise.

Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine is the sample of high speed, precise movements and masculine body.

Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine Height, Weight, Age

Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine

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