Weight: 79 kgJerome Jarre

Height: 191 cm

Date of birth: June 12, 1990 (Age 26)

Jerome Jarre age is 25, he is tall and handsome and he could easily become a movie star. Nevertheless, he has become the star of 6 second videos, published at Vine. Jerome Jarre Vines is followed by more than 8 million people. He has made videos with stars like Ashton Kutcher and Robert de Niro. The entrepreneur from France started his career in 2013 and now he is the owner of $1 million. What do we know about this talented fellow? Not much.

Jerome Jarre Biography

Jerome Jarre was born in 1990, on the 12th of June. He was raised by a single mother, Agnès Jarre, in Albertville (France). As his mom used to tell, Jerome was always bullied for his too slim and long body. How tall is Jerome Jarre? He is 191 cm tall.

The boy was very shy, he was not happy in his childhood. The family lived quite poor, that’s why his mother decided to move to USA. They came to New York without cash in their pocket. But in NYC the boy learnt to speak English well. Jerome Jarre French is fluent too, as he had spent his early years in France.
Jerome Jarre

After graduating from school Jerome entered the college, but when he was 19, he dropped it out and went to China to start his own business.

Jerome Jarre Career

Thus the fellow travelled around China and Canada, starting various kinds of business that failed soon. His startups were not successful, but they taught Jerome a lot. Besides he learnt Chinese as well and learnt how to travel for cheap.
Jerome Jarre

In January, 2013 Jerome posted his first video at Vine. As you know, Vine is a video sharing service. The videos there should last just 6 seconds – not more. Jerome Jarre shot various videos for Vine; most of them were devoted to playing tricks over other people. Jarre’s videos were so funny, that soon he had become the star of the service with more than 20,000 followers. The success of an unknown fellow was so loud, that soon he was invited to the show of Ellen DeGeneres. People got crazy from Jerome Jarre. They asked numerous questions about him like how old is Jerome Jarre, what is his weight and many others.

Vine Star Jerome Jarre on Ellen show

Being a guest of the show of Ellen DeGeneres, he was asked to make short videos about stars. He promised to do it live at the show and later made some videos with the stars like Ben Stiller and Pharrell Williams. Later the talented young video maker was invited to work for Canal+, where he covered Cannes Film Festival in 2014.

One of the most successful projects of Jerome Jarre was the video series called “Humans”. There he interviewed people in the street. He asked the only one question: “What an important message to humanity you can send right now?” Soon this project became extremely popular and made Jerome Jarre more famous and richer.
Jerome Jarre

Soon he also had become Snapchat star too. He narrated 2-minute stories. One of them was devoted to CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel. He was invited to Snapchat office to create that video.

Jerome’s other professional achievement is the talent agency GrapeStory. He founded it together with Gary Vaynerchuk. The main aim of the agency is to find new mobile and short video stars.

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Jerome Jarre Personal Life

Personal life of Jerome Jarre is full of controversy. He was rumored to be gay after his kiss (he shot it himself) with John Stamos. Many people unfollowed Jerome after his rumored gay orientation.

He created video to make his fans sure, he is straight. At the same time Jerome Jarre kissed one more man to show his loyalty towards gays. His fans wanted to know, whom is Jerome Jarre dating.
Jerome Jarre

In October, 2015 it was rumored that Jerome Jarre girlfriend is Jordan Hewson. Jordan is the eldest daughter of Ali Hewson and Paul David Hewson (you know him under his stage name Bono) the Irish musician and the member of the band U2.

The daughter of a famous father, Jordan preferred to live out of limelight. But she started dating a Vine star Jerome Jarre, and that’s why her photos appeared in mass media. Her sweet heart and she were caught in Istanbul, when they were cuddling and made romantic photos at the beach.

They say, Jordan is a student of Columbian University. She is 26 now and she joins her studying with the work of an editor. She likes Jerome Jarre as he is jolly and self-conscious.

Jerome Jarre Scandals

Jerome Jarre is just 25, but he was already involved into several scandals. The first one is connected with Jerome’s too widespread popularity. Once he announced in Twitter, that he is going to arrange the meeting with his fans. As Jerome supposed, the meeting should have domestic atmosphere, he didn’t care about security. But 5,000 people gathered to watch their favorite one. Thus the riots were provoked and the police had to calm the fans down.Jerome Jarre

The other scandal is connected with the idea of Jerome Jarre to shot the new video. He decided to entertain the crew of American Airlines, dancing in the aisles of a plane, wearing skintight pants. The crew was not fond of his joke and that’s why the star was taken to police.Jerome Jarre

Soon the fellow was allowed to go without any accusations. This news was one of the most tweeted that day.

Jerome Jarre makes people laugh – that is the secret of his loud fame!

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