Floyd Mayweather - Weight, Height and Age

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Date of birth: February 24, 1977 (Age: 40)

Zodiac sign:

The place of birth:
Michigan, USA

The real name:
Floyd Mayweather Jr. (before was Floyd Sinclair).

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the world famous boxer, who was born in the eminent boxing family. His father is Floyd Mayweather, and two uncles are Roger and Jeff in the business of boxing, so young Floyd from early childhood, growing up in a sports environment. At the birth, the boxer had his mother’s last name is Sinclair.

The childhood of the future champion was held in difficult conditions, he was surrounded by poverty and human vices. His father had to sell drugs to feed his family. According to the statements of Floyd they all (seven people) lived in a tiny room without basic amenities and communications. His moth
er and aunt were drug addicts, which led to her death from AIDS.

Floyd Mayweather Jr - Weight, Height and Age

It is amazing how a young boy managed to escape from the vicious circle and to achieve such great heights. The talents of the young man first noticed the grandmother, who advised him to devote more time to the sport and not useless and hopeless searches for work. When his father went to prison in 1993, the young Floyd dropped out of school and went into an amateur boxing to support his family. It was hard for him to endure the absence of the father, and to take responsibility for his sick mother.

The young Floyd differs by an undoubted talent. His first victory Floyd won in 1993, when he was only 16 years old. Then he took his father’s name to quickly achieve fame in the boxing industry.

At the age of 16 Floyd won the trophy “Golden gloves” weight 106 lbs. Then he took this award twice – in 1994 and 1996. During the time of his formation in an amateur boxing, he had 84 wins and only 6 losses. His defensive tactics payed off, the boxer almost didn’t get punched in the face during the fight. For his unusual abilities and lightning victories Floyd earned the nickname Hunk, which was assigned to him for many years.

With the last victory in the “Golden glove” Floyd opened the way into the Olympic team. He performed for the honor of the USA in home games in Atlanta quite successfully. In the 1/16 semifinals he defeated the Kazakhstan’s sportsman Bakhtiyar Tulegenov. After that he also won in 1/8 boxer of Armenia Artur Geworkyan and in the 1/4 final won the Cuban boxer Lorenzo Aragon.

Floyd Mayweather Jr - Weight, Height and Age
The offensive and controversial defeat in the semi-finals brought to the treasury of the American team’s bronze medal. In this battle he was faced with the famous champion from Bulgaria Seraphim Todorov. According to the judges Todorov won with the score 12-11. The U.S. team was categorically not agree with that but the protest brought no results.

After that loud and such a painful defeat Floyd decided to retire from an amateur sports and to start a career in professional boxing. From that year Mayweather began to honor his name in the field of the world boxing rings.
Today in the professional career Floyd Mayweather took part in 46 fights, suffering a single defeat. In all these years he repeatedly won the titles of champion and affirmed them.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. never married but has four children from two different women. Mayweather lives alone in his own huge house in Las Vegas.Floyd Mayweather

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