Date of birth: November 13, 1969 (Age: 47 years)

Height: 6′ 2″ (188 cm)

Weight: 225 pounds (102 kg)

Gerard Butler's height, weight and body measurements

Gerard Butler body measurements:

Chest: 47″ (119 cm)

Waist: 35″ (89 cm)

Biceps: 16″ (41 cm)

Shoe size: unknown

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Gerard Butler's eyes and hair color

Every man at least once in his life has dreamt about being a king. But a talented and handsome actor Gerard Butler had such chance for real.

The process of Butler’s transformation into King Leonid was no less cruel than the Battle of Thermopylae.

It was just necessary. Each drop of sweat falling from his forehead, each raised kilogram and squeezed through the teeth repetition had its value.

At the time when Gerard Butler received from the producers a proposal to play the role of King Leonid, he, in his own words, was almost in perfect shape.

According to the initial plan Leonid should look much more puny, but the actor preferred to deal with his character on his own.

The military readiness to give up life for the sake of victory and the indomitable fighting spirit, trained in four months of hellishly intensive training, immediately made their own adjustments to the life of the actor and almost finished him off.

To achieve his goals, Gerard Butler asked for help from Mark Twight, a coach and former climber with a world-known name, known for his fierce obsession with training. Mark has always worked as if his life depended on it.

To bring the body of Gerard Butler into the proper form, Mark Twight created what he called the Spartan complex of 300 repetitions, although in fact this miracle of fitness technique should have a more satanic name, something like Three hundred Beelzebub!

In addition to this circular training from the underworld, the future Leonid was daily subjected to a number of other equally sadistic loads.

Exactly five weeks before the first scenes noticeably stronger and lean Butler hired another specialist in the field of physical torment for the sake of beauty. His invaluable contribution to the form of the actor was made by a bodybuilder from Venezuela named Franco Likastro, who added the last details to the masterpiece by the name of Leonid.Gerard Butler's height, weight and body measurements

Well, all this work of body and spirit was not in vain. On the screen Gerard Butler looked like a testosterone-laden thrower with a model press, immense shoulders, column-like legs and the frightening gaze of an angry king who was furiously snarling through the slits of a combat helmet. Undoubtedly, he was terrible and steep, but for these seconds of fame very soon the actor had to pay seriously.

During the filming, training with Tweet, shaking iron with Likastro and practicing the techniques of sword, shield and spear, Gerard Butler has surpassed all conceivable adaptational limits of his 37-year-old organism.

As a result, every joint and muscle of his body hurt during all shooting days and nights all the while. In short, Butler overtrained his body – a condition in which physical stress surpasses the body’s ability to rebuild and does not allow its resources to be restored to work.

Gerard’s health was undermined so much that after the shooting was over he had to break up with training as hard as he started them. Butler postponed any physical activity for exactly eight months.

Gerard Butler's height, weight and body measurements

Today, Gerard clearly controls his way of life. After eight months of rest, he again returned to the gym.

Now, 10 years after the shooting, he is engaged four times a week, doing fitness in a more balanced way.

The experience gained in 300 Spartans helps him even now, in particular, with regard to proper nutrition. He eats a lot of vegetables and chicken meat, about hamburgers and other nonsense he even forgot to think.

What is the result? His eight cubes of press and his peaceful state of spirit returned to Butler again. And what else can a real king wish?

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