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Popular American celebrity Gwen Stefani is well-known for her songs and unique stylish looks. She is a signer, mom of three sons, actress, fashion designer, benefactor and an author of her own Gwen Stefani albums. She is the one of those few pop ladies who looks incredible for her age of 46 but no one can still for sure accuse her in getting any surgical modifications of her body.

Gwen Stefani – Baby Don’t Lie

Gwen always looks incredible and her appearance causes many disputes in the media and between the fans of hers. The very first question is – how many plastic surgeries she had if there were any? Although she does not officially confirm or deny any plastic appearance improvements, it is hard to miss the changes.

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Gwen Stefani’s plastics

The very first obvious change for today is her breast, which was beautified with implants. Gwen’s earlier photos show her null breast size, which now looks more significant and rounder. No one can claim it to become notable either because of giving birth to her three sons or because of plastics. But professional plastics surgeons affirm Stefanie’s breast to look sexy not without the help of their colleagues.


Gwen’s nose

Gwen’s nose is the next notable change since the time she has been a vocalist of No Doubt band. Her nose obviously had some changes since that time and this fact is seen on many pictures of “before and after” style. “After” pictures show us ideal shape and accurate formation, at “before” shots Gwen’s nose look wider and more bulbous. But how could anyone say that this lady is known for her appearance more than for Gwen Stefani lyrics if her musical and actor’s talent is so outstanding?


Rumors say that breast implants and nose job are not the only changes celebrity had for the good of her career, the list of implied changes include botox injections, regular face lift for her stunning young look.

But let’s not forget her significant contribution to pop culture music and listen to Gwen Stefani songs without thinking about how many surgeries it took her to write and sing them. No quality is lost despite the fact whether she had any modifications or not.

Gwen Stefani on Her Family


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