Height – 183 cm

Weight – 82 kilos (roughly)

Age – 72
Joe Biden

Joe Biden Biography

He is going to become a President of United States in 2016
. Joe Biden is charismatic, active and knowledgeable. Probably, it is he, who is worth trust of millions of Americans. He is tall enough – 183 cm. Of course, the President of USA is not an actor or a model and he mustn’t have ideal body measurements, but according to some observers there’s a connection between the height of a candidate and his success in elections. Thus, more frequently people choose that candidate, who is taller. It is explained by the fact, that tall people look more attractive, especially if we speak about men.

He is slim enough, being roughly 82 kilos. His exact weight is not known, as Joe Biden is not a public person and doesn’t share such details with his followers. But not long ago he passed his medical exam and his weight was defined as 82 kilos (in clothes).

The age of the probable future president is 72 years old. Actually, he will be 73 on the 20th of November, 2015. The age is the most arguable point in the personal data of Joe Biden. Some people consider him too old to become a President. But we will see! What do we know about this smart candidate?
Joe Biden

Joe Biden Family

Joe was born on the 20th of November, 1942 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA. His father was a car dealer. The boy was good at school and after his graduation entered the University of Delaware. Soon he got married. Although Joe Biden family is big enough, his personal life was full of tragedies.

He got married Neilla Hunter from the 27th of August in 1966. They were a happy family and had three children together. In 1972 Joe Biden wife Neilla died in a car accident. The small daughter of Joe and Neilla was killed in the car crash too. Joe left alone with two children, Beau Biden and Ashley Biden. Later he met another woman, Jill Jacobs. They felt in love and got married in June, 1977. They had two common children, Hunter Biden and Naomi Biden. Joe Biden wife Jill remains his best friend till now. It was she, who supported her husband in the minutes of sorrow when he had problems with his career or when he suffered from cerebral aneurysm in 1988. Then he managed to survive due to her support.
Joe Biden

In May, 2015 the couple also suffered from another tragedy that came into their family. The eldest son of Joe Biden, Beau Biden, died from the brain cancer. It was a great loss for Biden’s family, but Joe Biden found enough strength to continue his struggle for the post of President in 2016.
Joe Biden


If Joe Biden 2016 is not just a man, but a solid politician brand, Joe Biden 1973 was a Senator from Delaware. It was a great success for the young fellow, as he was chosen for this post, when was just 29. Several months later Senator Biden would have celebrated his 30. He got a great post but lost his wife and a daughter. Although his personal life was quite difficult, his politician life was really successful. He was the representative of Democratic Party. Charismatic Senator really believed in his dream. He wanted to make USA more liberal and more democratic. It is interesting to know, that Joe Biden 2016, who served as a Senator for more than 20 years, didn’t become a millionaire. That man was really honest. He supported the rights of homosexual people and tried to provide people with disabilities for everything, as he knew, everyone had a right to leave a usual way of life. He was called “big hearted Joe” for his democratic ideals. In 1987 he was nominated as the candidate for the Presidency of United States from democrats, but then he was excluded from the competition. It was known, that Joe Biden didn’t prepare his election speech himself, but took a part of it from the speech of British politician, Neil Kinnock. It was the most terrible moment in the career of Joe Biden, but he coped with his professional problems due to support of his family.
Joe Biden

On the 20th of January, 2009 he was appointed as the Vice President of USA. Now Joe Biden is one of the most probable candidates for the post of President of USA in 2016. His most serious rival in the fight for this post is ex-first lady, Hilary Clinton. It is a real intrigue for Americans and other people all over the world, who will be the winner as both candidates are well known, knowledgeable and have great reputation. The only drawback of Joe Biden is his age. Joe Biden age is 72. Joe is often questioned, if he feels strong and healthy enough to become a President. Joe thinks, it is not a problem. Joe Biden age is not a weak point. On the contrary, he is experienced and wise, so he is ready to start working!

Films with Joe Biden

Joe Biden looks really attractive, so he could become a film star easily. But he has chosen another way. Instead of participating in movies, he took part in documentary films. The most well known from the documentary movies is “Obama’s America”, where Joe Biden also appeared, acting as himself.
Joe Biden

The film was shot by Dinesh D’Souza. The director of the film and the author of the plot has conservative political views. He criticizes the political activity of Barack Obama and his team and analyzes the childhood of the President to understand the roots of his policy. “Obama’s America” is a disputable documentary film that caused a lot of debates.

Joe Biden may be right or not right in his political views, but he is honest and strongly believes in his ideals. So good luck to him in his competition!

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

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