Jonah HillSome changes celebrities are ready to made only to prove the fact that they are not only gifted but desperate people too. Everyone was agreeably surprised by the weight changes that happened with the actor Jonah Hill, who is considered to be a popular American comedy actor and script writer. He was born in Los Angeles and at an early age wanted to become a comedy actor.

During his studding at college he started writing jokes and presented them in the bar “Black and White”. These performances helped him to understand that he made right choice concerning his future occupation. This actor gained popularity only thanks to the film “Moneyball”. However during the previous ceremony of Academy Awards he became one of the greatest sensations. His weight changes were the subject for discussion number one.

Jonah Hill lost an impressive amount of weight for starring in the film “Moneyball” where he worked together with Brad Pitt. For that film the actor lost approximately 40 pounds! Unfortunately, after shooting Jonah gained his weight again. He felt uncomfortable being so slim.
Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt
Nevertheless new roles require new changes and now the admirers must say good-bye to their favourite chubster and comedy actor Jonah Hill. Now he changed greatly again. The actor lost 14 kg for starring in drama “21Jump Street”. All his admirers and the actor himself hope that such changes are for a long period of time and the man is not going to gain weight again. If to have a look at his photos before and after weight loss it is difficult to believe that it is one and the same person because with his height 170 cm, his weight loss is really shocking. Besides that the actor also changed his style – he stopped wearing T-shirts and sportswear.

Actually the actor really wanted to lose his extra weight and not only because of the fact that the film role required such drastic changes. He felt some problems with his health and finely understood that if he didn’t change the situation his weight would become uncontrolled. Because of extra weight he constantly felt unhealthy. He felt that he couldn’t cope with this problem alone and asked the help of nutrition specialists and a trainer.

Jonah Hill

Jonah HillThat period of his life, when Jonah tried to lose weight he described as quite difficult and not interesting task. He followed a strange diet: his menu was reach on Japanese food. Firstly Jonah wanted to follow Atkins diet but later refused from it. Japanese food was more pleasant for him. One more striking peculiarity was the fact that the actor couldn’t refuse from beer and as everyone knows this drink is deemed to be high in calories. This drink is his real weakness.

In addition to some restriction in food Jonah also trained a lot in a gym. After shooting in this film he continued his weight loss and altogether during a year he lost approximately 20 kg. It bears mentioning that after such blistering changes the actor looks more attractive and handsome! So such changes did a power of good for Jonah Hill.

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