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Leona Lewis – Celebrity Plastic Surgery

A brilliant musicianLeona-Lewis

A brilliant musician and an activist Leona Lewis is a wonderful example of personal strength and never ending effort to achieve new goals both in career and social works to fight for the animal rights. She is the celebrity that tries not only to spend her life in the most pleasant and relaxing way but tries to make the world better.Leona Lewis photo

One of the ways to improve her and to find new emotions in being more confident is never stop working on the skills and outlooks. Being a public person and a good looking young lady Leona, just like everyone, hasn’t always been satisfied with the way she looks. If we compare the photos of the musician made in different stages of her life we can notice that her outlooks have become even better than in her early years though it should be mentioned that she has always been extremely charming and attractive.


Exotic and fresh looks of Leona Lewis

The exotic and fresh looks of Leona Lewis have been transformed into more noble and gentle ones. She looks truly aristocratic and her beauty has become more brilliant and notable. It is obvious that Leona has been treated by plastic surgeons and a slight nose surgery has added her large amount of self-esteem and confidence. Her face on her photos and video is more open and free of heavy make-up and she tends to look more natural and feminine.

Leona Lewis photo Before & After

 Leona-Lewis  Leona-Lewis

The never ending energy of Leona Lewis lyrics and songs, strong and emotional, seems to change the way she looks and feels herself. She is not afraid of experiments both in her creative work and her appearances. She has always been open to the tunes and styles and Leona Lewis songs are all so different and unique as well as her outlooks. The nose surgery that she experienced to improve is believed to be one of the examples of successful transformations. Leona does look much better with the new face. Her fresh perfect looks that were made with help of plastic surgeons are new chance to be even more creative.

Video:Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love (US Version)

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