Weight: 55 kgLevi Miller

Height: 160 cm

Age: 13

Sometimes the actor has to work hard for many years in his way to stardom. Sleepless nights and lots of tears, and sweat are on the way to their success. But there are also the other people, for whom the acting is just the funny game. And they don’t dream about fame or money, but somehow wake up, being internationally popular. Peter Pan actor is just 13. He is a teenager and he is not interested in fame and money. But now he is one of the most googled child actors in the world. Levi Miller doesn’t plan to become a star. But who knows, probably, he is the next A-list Hollywood actor.

Levi Miller Biography

Levi Zane Miller was born on the 30th of September in 2002. His motherland is Australia. He lives in Brisbane with his mother, Meg Miller, and two elder sisters, Brittany and Tiarnee.

Levi Miller

Levi Miller age was 5, when he started modeling. He told, he was charmed by his elder sisters, who dreamed to be models and took part in various castings in order to participate in photoshot for some popular magazine or to take part in commercials. The child felt jealous and asked his mother to take him for casting too. The small cheeky blue eyed boy caught the hearts of producers. Soon he got plenty of invitations and took part in various commercials.

Levi Miller Levi Miller

Later the boy was involved into several movies and TV shows. He appeared in the episode of “Supergirl” and then got the part in a short film “Akiva”. The child prodigy attracted attention of A list Hollywood producers. Thus he became Peter Pan movie actor.

Levi Miller Career

Levi Miller career is, probably, his studying at school. The boy attends local school that is situated not far from his house. His teachers tell that he did rather well. The teenager was busy with his film roles. But it didn’t prevent him from making his homework. He sent it every day to his teachers through email. The boy deserves to become the sample for others.

Hugh Jackman and Levi Miller EXTENDED interview

Very often small actors are children of some wealthy parents, who pay their money in order to support their children career. But Levi Miller parents are not rich at all. His mother worked as a nurse. She had to leave her job in order to support her son’s career.

Meg Miller doesn’t wear makeup and she is not like those elegant beautiful mummies, who like to pose with their star children in front of the camera. She divorced her husband, when Levi was a toddler and the boy knows nothing about his father.

Levi Miller

Levi Miller worked as a model and played Peter Pan in his school performances. The teachers and classmates admitted how natural he was. When Miller heard about the intention of BAFTA holder Joe Wright to make a film about the hero of children’s books Peter Pan, he participated in casting. The first two castings were held in Australia. Millions of boys all over the world took part in casting. Joe Wright wanted to find that same child, who was born to act as Peter Pan.Levi Miller

He liked handsome Levi Miller, who had some experience in movie making and invited him to Los Angeles. The boy went there with his mother. He took part in several auditions and then went back home. It was his first visit to USA and that’s why the child was full of impressions.

He was having dinner with his mother, sisters and his sister’s boyfriend. They were having pumpkin pie, when the phone call rang. It changed the fate of Levi Miller and the whole family. He was chosen among millions of other boys to act as Peter Pan.

Levi Miller Pan was a great experience for a child and probably, the brightest moment in his for now short life. He co-acted the big Hollywood stars like Hugh Jackman, Garrett Hedlund and Rooney Mara. Later the teenager admitted that Rooney was a kind of first love for him. The leading role in the new version of a novel of J. M. Barrie was a great responsibility for an actor, who was just in his teens.

Levi Miller Interview Pan Premiere

But he was successful as Peter Pan. He could even cry on the screen, feeling the pain of his hero. Levi told, he thought about death of his favorite dog – and big natural tears appeared on his face.

The movie got positive critical acclaim and the child actor for sure, will get numerous offers from famous film directors. But he is free from job now and has some time for his hobbies.

Levi Miller Hobbies

Levi Miller is fond of music. He plays the guitar in his free time. When he is not busy in the movie, Levi Miller lives with his mother in his native Brisbane. He visits school and does modeling from time to time in order to support his single mother and give her some rest from hard job. Levi Miller has got excellent upbringing. He is smart and very polite. Now his name is known to any teenager in the world. But Levi Miller doesn’t want to “go out of rails” as he names it.

Pan: Levi Miller “Peter” Behind the Scenes Movie Interview

Levi Miller knows that many young stars become alcohol or drug addicted. But he is sure, that he will avoid these problems of stardom. In fact, the child prodigy is not going to become a star. He just does what he likes and then he will see where the path will lead him.

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