Matthew McConaughey Parents:

James Donald McConaughey (father), Mary Kathlene McCabe (mother)

Matthew McConaughey Parents

James Donald McConaughey (father), Mary Kathlene McCabe (mother)

Matthew McConaughey  Siblings:

Michael McConaughey (elder brother), Pat McConaughey (elder brother)

Matthew McConaughey Family

Michael McConaughey (elder brother)

Matthew McConaughey  Marital Status:


Matthew McConaughey  Wife:

Camila Alves (since 2012)

Matthew McConaughey Family

Camila Alves

Matthew McConaughey  Children:

1. Levi Alves McConaughey (son with Camila Alves)

2. Vida Alves McConaughey (daughter with Camila Alves)

3. Livingston Alves McConaughey (son with Camila Alves)

Matthew McConaughey Family

1. Levi Alves McConaughey
2. Vida Alves McConaughey
3. Livingston Alves McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey became popular due to participation in various romantic comedies. The star was known as the main romantic hero in Hollywood and of course, he had lots of love affairs with his movie co-stars and other women. But when the main heartthrob in Hollywood finally got married, he proved that he can be really devoted to his wife and children.

Matthew McConaughey was born in a family of James Donald McConaughey and his wife, Mary Kathlene McCabe or Kay, as her friends used to name her. Matthew comes from really rich and noble family. His father earned his living as an oil pipe supply businessman and his mother started his career as a schoolteacher and later became a published author.

Matthew McConaughey parents got divorced two times and married each other three times. The couple had two sons, Matthew’s siblings, Michael McConaughey and Pat McConaughey. When Kay and James got married for the third time, the woman got pregnant with Matthew. She says, she thought it over for a while whether she was ready or not to have the third child as she planned to focus on her career. Finally the couple decided to have one more child and thus the star Matthew McConaughey was born.

Mathew’s mother is still alive, while his dad had already passed away. He died in 1992, when Matthew was just 22 and the reason of his death was a heart attack. They say, Kay and James were having sex, when he suddenly felt bad and had a heart attack.

Matthew tells, it was a real disaster for him to lose his father at such a young age. That’s why he tries to be the best father for his two sons and a daughter and to care about his wife, Camila Alves.

Matthew McConaughey Family

Matthew McConaughey. Family

Camila Alves was a model and once she visited a party at some night club in LA. There she met a strange fellow, whose face was covered with a big hat. Camila liked the guy at first sight and only later she knew that it was a famous star, Matthew McConaughey.

They got married in 2012, when have already become parents.

Mathew’s first son was born on the 7th of July, 2008. His daughter was born on the 3rd of January, 2010. The couple wedded on the 10th of June, 2012. The wedding took place in Mathew’s Texas home and the ceremony was attended by A list stars like Meg Ryan and Reese Witherspoon.

Matthew and Camila welcomed their third son on the 28th of December, 2003. “The man can feel really like a man only if he is a father”, likes to tell Matthew McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey Family

Matthew McConaughey. Family

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