Date of Birth: 14 February, 1942 (Age: 74)

Height: 173 cm (5 ft 8)

Weight: 64 kg (142 pounds)

Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: Hazel

Michael Bloomberg Height

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg is a famous American politician, businessman and technician. He is in his golden age now, but still he is healthy and active. Michael is of average height and he weighs not much. To remain slim and toned, Michael Bloomberg visits gym regularly.

Michael Bloomberg is one of the richest people in the world. He was born in a Jewish family; his father earned his living as a bookkeeper. Bloomberg graduated from Johns Hopkins University with Bachelor of Science degree. Then he attended Harvard Business School and finally started his career at Salomon Brothers, where he was responsible for equity trading. Later he lost his job and that very year founded his own company, Bloomberg LP. Michael felt, that computers can help traders to analyze the market. He developed the special program for trading, which could give the information about the financial market in several minutes. Thus he became one of the richest people in USA and in the world. Bloomberg made successful career of a politician too. He was elected as the 108th Mayor of New York City and occupied this post for 3 terms. Now Bloomberg is an independent candidate, but he belonged to Democratic Party and to Republican Party as well.

Michael Bloomberg was married Susan Brown since 1975, but later the couple got divorced. Susan and Michael have two daughters together, Emma and Georgina. Both girls participated in the movie “Born Rich” as the children of extremely rich parents. Michael Bloomberg is dating Diana Taylor. Michael Bloomberg managed to become very rich and now he cares not just about money, but about charity too. He is a well known philanthropist with a salary just $1. He decided to work for free as he needed earning money anymore.

Michael Bloomberg Weight

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg is a very busy person, but he cares about his health. As a Mayor he never got tired to remind New York citizens about the necessity of physical training. He told that New York is a big gym, where each park can be used for exercising.

Being not young already, Bloomberg never forgets about training. He plays golf and runs on a treadmill for an hour daily.

The former politician and businessman, Bloomberg knew that it was hard to eat healthy for a person, who had his business lunches in a restaurant. Michael Bloomberg always tries to choose healthy option from the menu like salad or cheese.

Thus the famous businessman and politician remains healthy and active in his age.

Michael Bloomberg Height, Weight, Age

Michael Bloomberg

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