Date of birth: September 25, 1944 (Age: 72 years)

Height: 5′ 10″ (178 cm)

Weight: 161 pounds (73 kg)

Michael Douglas' height, weight and age

Hair color: Light brown/Grey

Eye color: Blue

Michael Douglas' eyes and hair color

The movie star Michael Douglas being 72 is still trying to preserve the health and youth of the body by eating only healthy foods.

Hollywood actor admitted that he excluded gluten from his menu.

Douglas proudly shares with reporters his own healthy recipes. The actor is trying to strengthen memory and positively affect his health with the help of some products. Diet is important for Michael, because his body is exhausted after a difficult battle with cancer seven years ago.

We recall that a Hollywood celebrity over the years has built his acting career, but serious illness prevented him from continuing shooting. Douglas suffered with throat cancer. The doctors gave him the diagnosis at a later stage, so that it became an additional obstacle on the road to recovery.

Despite such a serious age, Michael Douglas feels healthy and cheerful. In his interviews Douglas admitted that a special gluten-free diet, which he has been keeping for several years, helped him to rejuvenate.

The actor feels great, and seven years after the cancer everything is fine with him. Five-time Golden Globe Award winner and two-time winner of the Oscar advises those who needs diet correction to follow his example.

Michael Douglas' height, weight and age

The actor has lost several kilograms, and this diet also enhances memory and provides extra energy. It should be noted that the list of products with gluten include cereals, such as wheat, oats. These grains contain large amounts of a protein known as gluten that gets into paste, porridge, cereal, pastry, bread.

People who prefer gluten-free diet give up all foods with protein. Among fans of this diet can be also distinguished actress Gwyneth Paltrow and tennis player Novak Djokovic. According to supporters of gluten restriction in the menu, the absence of this protein in the diet contributes to the tone, increases longevity and preserves youth.

At the same time, doctors claim that exclusion of gluten from the diet is recommended only to those people who have problems with its susceptibility. In other cases, doctors do not support the use of gluten-free diet.

Michael Douglas' height, weight and age

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