Paloma FaithPaloma Faith is a unique phenomenon for the modern music industry.

She is gorgeous, bright and bears no resemblance to the other singers. All her life as well as her music consists of extravagance. If she smiles, it is not a simple smile, she shrieks with laughter.

Her melodies are irrepressible and the texts are venomous and sardonic.

Paloma as well as the other women can love and suffer. But only this girl has such an ability to turn her emotional upheaval into art. It doesn’t matter what is it, either a film, theatrical performance or music. She is beautiful and her audience always looks forward to her new sings.

It is necessary to mention that Paloma is a gifted person and not only as a singer. She is a brilliant actress, compositor and just a nice Englishwoman.

Paloma FaithA future singer was born in 1981. Her parents divorced when she was only four years old. In childhood the girl was carried away by ballet. Paloma was a good student and her teacher said that she would achieve a great success in ballet.

By the way the girl really wanted to become a ballet dancer and was going to enter a prestigious academy of contemporary dancing.

But Paloma didn’t study in this academy for a long time and later in her interviews the singer commented that education here left a bad taste in the mouth.

After a while the girl continued studding for the actress. By the way she also worked in the shop, as an assistant and the singPaloma Faither in cabaret show.

The musical career of the girl began from the small miniature where she projected herself into a character of famous people.

One of the viewers saw that Paloma was a very gifted person and her talent had to become popular.

After an acquaintance with her future manager and his friend Paloma signed a contract. Fortunately Paloma on a whim agreed to record a joking song “It’s Christmas (And I Hate You)”.

The audience appreciated this song and Paloma was compared with Amy Winehouse. In 2009 the girl released her first album, which was called “Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?

It is necessary to say that in her 34 she looks great. Her weight is 58 kg and it means that her body doesn’t require any diet. With her Paloma Faithheight 161, not a tall girl, she is ought to wear high-heel shoes.

Except unusual voice the singer possesses unusual appearance and unusual style. She prefers bright accessories, uncommon headband and stunning clothes.

On one of social arrangements Paloma was noticed in ultra short hot pants and with headband made from struthious flags of blue color. In such image Paloma looked harmoniously.





Video: Paloma Faith Interview – Jonathan Ross Show

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