Date of birth: August 14, 1960 (Age: 56 years)

Height: 5′ 5″ (166 cm)

Weight: 119 pounds (54 kg)

Sarah Brightman`s height, weight and age

Sarah Brightman body measurements:

Waist: 24″ (68, 5 cm)

Chest: 34″ (84 cm)

Hips: 35″ (87 cm)

Shoe size: 8 (US)/ 38 (EU)

Bra size: 34C

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Blue

Sarah Brightman`s eyes and hair color

Who said that an aging woman can’t be beautiful? That’s not true, and Sarah Brightman is a live justification to it.

And really, looking at this cheerful woman it’s hard to believe that she is already 56 years-old. Frankly speaking, in her 50-s the singer looks even better than 30 years ago. But what does she do to look so beautiful?

Sarah confessed that only once in her life she had a surgery in order to improve her look – it was a liposuction under her chin when she was in her early 20-s.

Moreover, the woman doesn’t like going to the gym as she finds it boring. She doesn’t force her body to do anything she doesn’t like. She’d better do jogging or walk in fast mode.

Years ago, Miss Brightman used to do ballet dancing, so probably, it contributed to her nice figure.

However, a few years ago the Sarah Brightman appeared in a bit different style. Something had changed in her. The singer gained some weight; her cheeks became plump and her eyebrows were a bit lifted.

Sarah Brightman`s height, weight and age

Her updated look makes us sure that Sarah got cheek implants. Many fans think that idea was crazy because they make her look a bit overweight and clumsy. But as we know, women are often making some harsh decisions in order to stay young and look attractive.

Sara’s nose also became a subject of many discussions. There is no 100% valid information about nose surgery, but looks a bit different than it used to look before.

And the last point is Botox. It’s not a rare thing, so it is not an impressive news, but still, Sarah Brightman turns to this method to have young and toned look.  In such a way the singer shuts out all the aging signs on her face – you can hardly find a wrinkle on her face.

Sarah Brightman`s height, weight and age

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