Siobhan Burke Height, Weight, Age

Siobhan Burke

Date of Birth: Unknown

Height: 170 cm or 5 ft 6 (approximately)

Weight: 55 kg 120 pounds (approximately)

Eye Color: Light Brown

Hair Color: Brown

If you like dancing, then you know Siobhan Burke. She is a young, elegant, ambitious lady, who knows everything about dancing. Now Siobhan Burke is New York Times dance critic and an owner of her own website, where she posts articles about various famous dancers, shares her ideas about new dancing performances and comments dancing concerts.

Siobhan Burke likes her job and once she wrote, that her small niece called not “dance critic” but “musical judge” and she liked the new name of her profession much more.

The life of Siobhan Burke was connected with dancing from the earliest age. She studied traditional Irish dance and was good at it. The girl toured around USA and Canada as the member of the band Riverdance and that’s why now she knows everything about good dance. Siobhan got a great opportunity to perform with legendary artists Jeffrey Cranor & Jillian Sweeney.

When Siobhan Burke’s active career was over, she started to write about dancing. Siobhan entered Barnard College and got a degree in American Studies. Then the young woman started to serve as a lecturer of the Barnard Dance Department and as a guest speaker she managed to lecture in Universities like Princeton, New York University and others.

Siobhan Burke Height, Weight, Age

Siobhan Burke

Siobhan Burke is also a dance writer and critic for New York Times. Among her former projects there’s also “Dance Magazine”, where she served as an editor and which she is going to publish online now. Siobhan is a famous dance writer and her articles appear in such popular and reputable magazines as “The Performance Club, Pointe”, “The Brooklyn Rail” and others.

Siobhan Burke is not just a dancer and author of informative dancing articles; she is also a very beautiful woman. Siobhan has a body of a model, she is extremely slim and fragile and she finds the time in her busy schedule to care about herself.

Burke likes dancing till now and her workouts are mostly based on various dancing activities. To remain flexible and slim she likes body ballet workouts and ballroom cardio workouts. The girl also does stretching exercises at least two times per week.

Siobhan Burke has slim figure, but she is not keeping to a diet. The lucky woman is genetically slim and her regular workouts are enough to stay fit.

Siobhan Burke is the most beautiful dance critic in New York Times!

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