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It is not surprising that Uma Thurman is one more example of woman of a certain age who doesn’t want years to go by. Her appearance on the road show of the film “The slap” in New-York attracted the attention of society. The actress changed and the facts were obvious. It felt like Thurman also was undergone plastic surgery.Uma Thurman

Speaking about Uma Thurman plastic surgery, the note should be made of her life. She is a symbol of Tarantino’s films and a famous American actress. But she was made to overcome the difficulties on the way to her popularity. When the girl came to New York she worked as a dishwasher. As the nature has endowed her with a variety of talents she started working as a model and later she was noticed after playing a secondary role in one of the films. Afterwards she started screening in the other films and Quentin Tarantino gained sight of her only thanks to her sexuality. As per the legend the famous film director believed that large women’s feet are very sexy and Uma had exactly large feet. He gave her the role in the film Pulp Fiction. It worth to be noted that thanks to his film Thurman was nominated for Academy Award, a BAFTA Award and a Golden Globe Award.

Uma Thurman

It ought to be remarked that Uma is a successful and popular woman. She has her family, children but the desire to stay young as long as it is possible doesn’t leave her. It seems to be that almost every celebrity in Hollywood wants changes in appearance and Uma is not an exception. On the road show of “The Slap” it was difficult to recognize the actress. The actress’s skin looked smooth and lifted, but her face looked slightly timorous and her smile was perfunctory.

Uma Thurman

The manager of one plastic surgery clinic commented her changes and said it seemed to be that she really did something with her face. But those who did plastic surgery to Uma somewhat overexerted themselves. Her eyes area was changed greatly. It looked like she was done blepharoplasty, which helped to get rid of baggy skin below the eyes. Besides her eyes were absolutely without make-up, probably she was afraid of infecting them after surgical intervention. The form of her face also changed greatly. It proved the fact that she was undergone the intensive course of chemical peeling. Her face also looked swollen and the specialist added that such effect may be during a certain period of time after the operation.


Uma Thurman photo Before & After

Uma Thurman Uma Thurman


By the way the doctor also noticed too smooth and shining forehead and this was a classical example of using Botox injections. That’s why the actress’s eyebrows looked cumbrous. As the years go by the chin also changes its form. Besides, the other specialists also emphasized the fact that her chin was changed with the help of corrective surgery.

But the actress didn’t confess that she was done any plasty and asked for help plastic surgeons. In her interviews she constantly said that she drank too much water, kept to a diet and always used the moisturizing creams. Exactly these procedures were the reason of her constant fresh complexion.

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