Yasuko Yokoshi - Height, Weight, Age

Yasuko Yokoshi

Date of Birth: b. 1961 (Age: 55-56)

Height: 160 cm or 5 ft 2 approximately

Weight: 52 kg or 114 pounds approximately

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black

The body language is understandable to all people, in spite of their nation and religious beliefs. Yasuko Yokoshi is a dancer from Japan and although ethnically she is not American, her dancing technique is close to people in New York and across USA.

Yasuko Yokoshi was born in 1961 in Hiroshima, Japan and was brought up there. When the girl was 20, she and her family moved to New York. Yasuko Yokoshi was fond of Kabuki from 6 years old. Kabuki is a classical Japanese dance; it is not just a separate dancing technique, but a dance performance with its plot, bright makeup and costumes. “It is not a naked dance”, says Yasuko Yokoshi about Kabuki. She devoted her free time to dancing but also found an opportunity to become Bachelor of Fine Arts in Hampshire College.

Although Kabuki is very popular in Japan, in New York nobody knew about it. Yasuko Yokoshi was that very person who represented Kabuki in USA. She not just showed that dancing performances, she studied its history and tried to combine it with traditional American contemporary dance.

The dancing star is popular till now and she performs in various stages in New York regularly in spite of her age. Still Yasuko visits her dancing teacher and listens to her opinion, because she trusts her trainer so much.

Yasuko Yokoshi - Height, Weight, Age

Yasuko Yokoshi

Now Yasuko Yokoshi works as a TV producer and filmmaker too. She is an associate curator of the popular culinary series “The Kitchen” and is also the guest lecturer at various schools and Universities all over USA. Sometimes she serves as dance judge at various contests, held not just in USA, but also in Austria, Japan etc.

So, Yasuko has plenty of work, but she finds the time to care about herself too.

Yasuko Yokoshi impresses the public and critics by her flexible body and precise complicated dancing movements, which are almost unreal for a woman of her age. Yokoshi’s shape is not a miracle, but a result of hard work and regular workouts.

Yasuko Yokoshi dances several hours per day, besides she practices yoga workouts and stretching routine.

Yasuko Yokoshi never keeps to a diet, but her daily meals consist mostly of fresh fruit and vegetables, salads, chicken meat and protein shakes.

Her beauty rules are not a secret to anybody, but it is very hard to follow them, but Yasuko Yokoshi is a strong willed woman and she is worth of admiration and respect.

Yasuko Yokoshi - Height, Weight, Age

Yasuko Yokoshi

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