Date of Birth: 3 February, 1984 (Age: 32)

Height: 169 cm (5 ft 5)

Weight: 58 kg (128 pounds)

Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: Blonde

Elizabeth Holmes Height

Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes is a successful business lady, a very rich person and an attractive young woman. Although her body measurements are nor publicized, it is known, that Elizabeth is of average height and she is very slim. Does she find time in her tight schedule to work out?

Elizabeth Holmes was born in a rich and noble family. Her great-great-grandfather was a famous surgeon and it was he, who inspired the girl to choose medicine as her career. Her father worked for political agency, and their family travelled around the world. Elizabeth Holmes was afraid for her parents, who had to work in exotic countries and could get some severe infection there. She dreamed to do something new in the sphere of medicine.

Elizabeth Holmes entered Stanford University, where she was going to study chemical engineering, but then she dropped it out. Elizabeth couldn’t study medicine and make it the main occupation in her life, because, as she had discovered later, she was afraid of needles. That fear inspired her to start her own company, which she called “Theranos”. The word “Theranos” comes from both, “therapy” and “diagnosis”. The company offered to make 200 different kinds of blood tests and diagnose a health disorder, having taken just a few drops of blood. The main idea of Holmes was to help people, who were afraid of needles too, to pass many various blood tests in one time. Besides in her company just several drops of blood were taken, which is very little in comparison with other companies, who took several milliliters of blood.

Elizabeth Holmes’s company became extremely popular and she earned billions on it. But then she had to face some law troubles, when she was accused in making uncertain tests. From 200 tests, which “Theranos” made for its clients, only 1 test was considered as reliable. It was the test for herpes. Tiny blood containers from “Theranos” couldn’t provide enough material to diagnose any disease.

Elizabeth Holmes Weight

Elizabeth Holmes

In July, 2016 Elizabeth Holmes was banned from business for two years. Her company was considered as uncertain.

The business lady is a contradictory person just now. Some people consider her as genius and the others as a liar. But in any case she will always remain a beautiful woman, who cares about her health. Elizabeth Holmes hasn’t shared her workout plan. But it is known exactly, that she is a famous vegetarian and drinks fresh vegetable juice several times per day.

Elizabeth Holmes Body Measurement

Elizabeth Holmes

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