Tony Dovolani Height, Weight, Age

Tony Dovolani

Date of Birth: 17 July, 1973 (Age: 42)

Height: 185 cm (6 ft 5)

Weight: 75 kg or 165 pounds (approximately)

Eye color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Driton Dovolani, mostly known as Tony Dovolani, is a famous dancer from Pristina, Yugoslavia (Kosovo). Tony has fans all over the world and they like him not just for his incredible talent, but also for his handsome look. A professional dancer, Tony has great body statistics. He is tall; his body is slim, fast and well shaped. Dovolani has great abs, his biceps are big enough and he doesn’t look bulky at the same time. To have such a great body, a dancer work outs almost every day.

Tony Dovolani started dancing at the age of three, but then the boy attended folk dance. When Tony was 15, his family immigrated to USA, where Tony continued to dance, but he chose ballroom dancing this time. He was coached at Fred Astaire Dance Academy and was one of the best pupils there.

Dovolani became internationally famous, when he was casted to the popular TV show “Dancing with the Stars” (American version). The dancer joined the cast of the show in the 2nd season and he remains regular there till now. In the 15th season Tony Dovolani won the first place with his partner, reality star Melissa Rycroft. In the 22nd, the latest season of the show, Tony Dovolani with Maria Maples, an actress, won the 10th place.

Tony Dovolani is a very handsome man, he is charismatic and witty, so many girls all over the world, alongside with popular actresses and models, dream to catch his heart. But he is a faithful husband and loving father. Tony is married Lina Dovolani since 1999 and they have three children together. Tony’s wife looks great after three pregnancies, because her husband coaches her. Tony is also known as a coach of Jennifer Lopez. It was he, who taught an actress and singer to dance. He choreographed some of her songs.

Tony Dovolani Height, Weight, Age

Tony Dovolani

Tony Dovolani knows how to stay fit and he is ready to teach the other people too. He is the author of Dance Fitness Tips program, which is based on dancing movements, as you have guessed. Tony Dovolani trains the others and works out himself regularly too. He dances several hours a day, sometimes he practices strength workouts to look more attractive on the show. But he never lifts too high weighs, because doesn’t want to look over muscled. He won’t move fast in this case.

Tony Dovolani tells that eating is also important for those, who want to stay fit. He includes fresh fruit and vegetables to his menu.

Tony Dovolani tries his hand not just as a dancer and trainer, but also as an actor. In 2004 he made a short appearance in the movie “Shall We Dance?”

We like Tony, he is incredible!

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